Check Out Those Waves

Yesterday we mentioned over on our Facebook page that there was a high surf advisory in effect. We stopped at a few beaches along the North Shore and made a quick video of what we found.

So if you’re chilly, take a few minutes to visit Honeymoon, Hawksnest and Cinnamon with us. We thought this would be a nice warm up for those of you affected by those crazy temperatures we all keep hearing about.

4 thoughts on “Check Out Those Waves”

  1. Hey,
    I live outside of Buffalo, NY. I just got home from work after a 20 minute ride through a Blizzard and saw this video. I wish I could post an image from here, but all I can say is that it’s 3 degrees, 35 below wind chill and snowing like crazy! Looking forward to our next visit in May! Toes in the water you know!!
    Dave in the snow!!

  2. Looking at minus 5 when I leave the office in a few minutes. Oh, and that is NOT what I call high surf — couldn’t imagine trying to body surf those little guys, which I was able to do at Cinnamon in February two years ago. 33 days!

  3. Here in MN school has been cancelled the last 2 days due to -23 temps (that’s without windchill, folks) Yesterday we blew bubbles outside to see them freeze and shatter. This video is balm to the soul. Be seeing you soon!! (11 days!!! Huzzah!! )

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