Check Out the USVI’s New Unofficial Anthem

Pressure Virgin Islands Nice

So there’s a video that’s been making its way around the internet the past few days. We just got around to watching it ourselves and we absolutely loved it.

The song’s called “Virgin Islands Nice” and it’s by a man named Pressure. You can say it’s the Virgin Islands’ new unofficial anthem.

Here’s a quick review courtesy of LargeUp.com, a global platform for Caribbean music, arts and culture.

“‘All hail, our Virgin Islands, Em’ralds of the sea,’ go the lyrics to the Virgin Islands March, a solemn dedication to these little but impactful Caribbean rocks that’s been the US Virgin Islands national anthem for over 50 years. Now, the USVI has a new, unofficial anthem to go along with it, courtesy of international reggae artist Pressure Buss Pipe.

“Last month Pressure released the track “Virgin Islands Nice,” a soulful one-drop tribute to his home soil. DigitAK Films has brought Pressure’s lyrics to life, sparing no expense when it comes to stunning visuals. Just as the song references many of the USVI’s most notable sites and figures (the band Midnite;  Niyorah; boxer Julian Jackson and family; NBA legend Tim Duncan), these and more are all represented in the video, which captures footage on all of the territory’s major islands—St. Thomas, St. Croix and St. John. The USVI Tourism Board couldn’t have asked for a more appealing document.”

You’ve got to check it out for yourself:

Pretty sweet, right? The song is available over at iTunes for only 99 cents. Click here to download it.

9 thoughts on “Check Out the USVI’s New Unofficial Anthem”

    • Also love this song. What about the golden oldie, “Come Back to the Virgin Islands?” Haven’t heard that in decades.

  1. Love it! A nice balance between native and tourist side of the islands. Wonderful to tour the islands as we brace ourselves for another winter storm.

  2. Agree and please this new song is just a commercial effort to try to make a Bob Marley Jamaica out of a multi cultural V.I. people. It only polarizes many when slavery has to continually be mentioned. Lets bring the USVI into the 21st Century with a multi cultural approach as part of the USA! Dr. Roth

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