Cheap eats on St. John

The price of housing on St, John has risen markedly in the past 10 years, and so has the cost of food.  Bargains at the grocery store, so far as mainlanders are concerned, are few and far between at Starfish.  And dinner checks in Cruz Bay and Coral Bay can easily top $50 for a couple.

So it's worth noting that besides Ronnie's Pizza 'n Mo, there are a few places where tasty good can be had for a reasonable price.  The latest is Lone Star Taquera, newly opened at the Marketplace.  Bob Schlesinger, of Tropical Focus Photography, says, "They’re inexpensive and their market are the workers that go to the hardware store for inexpensive breakfast and lunch."


The owners are Jeff Parsons and Amanda Rubio. Their phone number is 714-(TACO)-8226.


They make fruit infused non-alcoholic drinks.


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  1. We are Texans and were missing our Mexican food so we decided to give Lone Star Taquera a try. What a wonderful treat! TWO THUMBS UP for this restaurant for both flavor of food and cost. We’ll be back.

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