Cafe Bordeaux back in business

Bordeaux Chateau Bordeaux has been reopened.  Once again, it is possible to have a meal and look down on Coral Bay and across the Sir Francis Drake Channel, one of the loveliest views on the island.

Lorelei Monsanto, the daughter of the woman who launched the restaurant 30 years ago, is overseeing the venture.  She's also reported to be the landlord.  For many years, Bordeaux was managed by the same people who operated high end restaurants in Cruz Bay including Paradiso and Asolare.  But times got tough, the economy got soft, and Bordeaux closed.

Monsanto's reopened the spot for lunch and has plans to add dinner service.  But food isn't the only reason to make the drive to Bordeaux.  She told the St John Sun Times, "Enjoy the moon as it's rising, the shimmering lights in the distance – it makes you feel like you're on a tropical island, naturally."

Perhaps it's best that food isn't the only draw.  One lone review, via TripAdvisor, was quite negative. "The view remains exceptional but the food is now by many accounts INEDIBLE." wrote EvergreenOhio. "Prices are inflated and there is no wine list."

5 thoughts on “Cafe Bordeaux back in business”

  1. Let’s not forget the other fabulous shops up there like the award winning ‘TuTu Much’.
    Maybe a news article or editorial of just what is available on Bordeaux would be in order. 🙂

  2. We were there for dinner in Nov 2008. I think that was right before it closed. Dinner was excellent. There was a couple of guys that come to STJ every year to work as wait staff at other restaurants. They have a garlic farm in Minn.,great people. They were there for dinner and helped wait tables because the restaurant was short handed. Anyway we had a great experience. The view was incredible. Glad they are reopening and hopefully will serve dinner.

  3. Contrary to the article in the Sun Times about Chef Matt Crafts returning to Chateau Bordeaux, he is not their new chef. He did serve as their chef for two and a half years (’05-07) until the restaurant changed hands. His menu was great (spoken as a proud mom). However, he is not there now, so recent negative reviews of the newly opened Cafe Bordeaux should not be attributed to him!

  4. This Monsanto woman clearly has no business running a restaurant.
    In addition to the awful food and inflated prices, our server was quite rude. She acted as though we had offended her when we asked for a simple glass of wine (which they did not even have).
    I give them 6 months, tops.

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