Charter Days Two & Three

bushwacker cooper
The Bushwacker BVI tour continues…

So we’re back on our Bushwacker tour of the British Virgin Islands after a one day reprieve. Sorry we didn’t write yesterday. I blame Cooper Island Beach Club. Five words: Two. For. One. Happy. Hour.

Enough said.

So we continued our little jaunt up to Cooper Island Sunday morning, but before doing so we hit two incredible snorkeling spots – the Caves and the Indians. The Caves are a very cool snorkeling spot in Norman Islands that are comprised of one small cave and two larger caves. The Indians is another great snorkeling spot just off of Normal Island and it’s sometimes referred to as “the aquarium” due to the abundance of fish. It also has a ton of gorgeous soft corals there.

So after our little snorkeling adventure, we sailed up to Cooper Island where we hung out at the Cooper Island Beach Club for the remainder of the day. Cooper’s a very cool spot with a fun little beach bar/restaurant. It also has an amazing feature – tables in the water! Love it!

cooper table
Two for one rum punch – yum!

cooper flag

After enjoying their two-for-one happy hour (a tad too much) we headed back to the Guiding Light and called it a night. On to Monday…

We woke up super early and cruised up to the Baths. This was my first visit to the Baths and it was simply breathtaking. Our captain Shane took us on his “adventure trail” as he called it and what an adventure it was! We had a blast jumping off boulders and doing the Army crawl under a few others. I have to say, Shane’s tour, with the exception of the bruises and scrapes that now cover a good portion of my legs, back and arms, was a hit!

baths 1

baths 2

baths again

pano baths

(Side note: I carried my iPhone through the entire Baths and it still works! It has a Lifeproof case and I had it in a Ziplock bag also. Just a little fyi for anyone who was wondering…)

After the Baths, we went over to Savannah Beach for a little rest and relaxation. Shane tossed around Mini News of St. John on an inner tube behind the dinghy while me and Mr. News of St. John simply relaxed on the beach. Before doing so, however, I thought it was time I try kayaking, seeing that News of St. John has a team in this month’s Chaotic Kayak race that benefits wounded veterans. (If you haven’t donated to my team already, please do so by clicking this link. 100 percent of the proceeds benefit the wounded veterans in the USVI. Let’s show them that News of St. John readers are the best readers ever!)

savannah pano

Let’s just say my first kayak adventure didn’t end well. A huge wave came and splash! Into the water we were… Anyone want to kayak on my behalf at the Chaotic Kayak race??? 🙂

After Savannah Beach, we decided to cruise up to the North Sound where we decided to moor for the night. We had dinner at Saba Rock which was incredible. After hanging out for a bit, we went back to the Guiding Light which is where I am writing this right now. We’re really not sure what Tuesday will bring, so stay tuned…

saba sign

hammocks saba
Any takers?
night saba
Night at Saba Rock

In the meantime, please donate to News of St. John’s Chaotic Kayak team and help the wounded warriors. Here’s the link: News of St. John’s Chaotic Kayak Team 


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