Changes Taking Place at Cruz Bay Taxi Stand

Taxi Stand

Ok, there’s a lot going on with the island’s taxi situation. It’s pretty complicated, but we’ll do our our best to break it down for all of you. We’ll also explain how it will likely affect all of us.

So you know the dozens of taxis that are typically lined up next to the ferry dock? The majority of them, if not all, belong to the St. John Taxi Association. The association formed more than 10 years ago and has been leasing the property from the government since 2002. The taxi association initially signed a one-year lease, but when that expired back in 2003, it continued its lease on a month-to-month basis.

As part of the lease, the taxi association was required to make a monthly payment. According to the Virgin Islands Daily News, it missed several of those $400 a month payments. So what did the government do? They demanded that the taxi association leave the property. What did the association do? They ignored the demand.

Fast forward to the last few months:

Because the taxi association continuously ignored the government’s demand to vacate the property, the government initiated legal proceedings to evict the association from the Cruz Bay taxi stand. The issue was subsequently heard in Virgin Islands Superior Court, which ordered the eviction of the association from the taxi stand by last Saturday, November 30. Now that the eviction date has come and gone, the government has turned the area in question over to the Port Authority.

Here’s what Governor John deJongh, Jr. recently said about the situation:

“We have been given an opportunity that I believe in the long term is in the best interest of how this area can be managed for the community as a whole and for our visitors. To achieve this objective, I have discussed with the Virgin Islands Port Authority transferring ownership of the taxi stand from the central government to them. There is a natural synergy with the ferry traffic arriving at the Loredon L. Boynes, Sr. dock in Cruz Bay. The Authority has the staff on St. John as well as the operational experience of managing taxis, limousines and other vehicle for hire services.”

“While the court has ruled that the St. John Taxi Association must vacate the taxi stand, my Administration’s greatest concern is that the VIPA has the full ability to ensure taxi operations at the dock will be orderly and we will not witness the chaotic atmosphere of the past.”

“The taxi stand in downtown Cruz Bay is located at the gateway to the island for thousands of residents and visitors who arrive and depart from St. John each day. We can ill afford a taxi operation at such a critical location that is not being operated effectively,” the governor said.

Now all of that being said, there are several changes happening. According to the St. John Source:

  • Only 40 taxi drivers a day will be able to operate at the Cruz Bay ferry dock
  • The taxi stand will open at 6 a.m. and will close at 11 p.m.
  • Only some of the taxis will be stationed at the dock. The rest will wait in the Enighed Pond parking lot until they are called for service.
  • Those taxi drivers who are not assigned to the ferry dock on a given day will still be allowed to work at other locations across the island.
  • Taxi drivers they must come properly dressed. They will not be allowed to wear short pants or slippers to work.
  • Double parking along the waterfront will no longer be allowed; however the drivers will still have the use of the 13 parking spots along the waterfront, which are currently designated to taxis.
  • Taxi drivers and all others who use the dock will be charged $10 per day for unlimited trips, which will be paid to the dock master stationed at the dock. This includes villa management companies –  each person picking up guests will have to pay $10 for unlimited pickups.
  • People picking up villa guests will no longer be allowed to stand at the head of the dock with signs bearing the guest’s name.

We’re sure that this story will continue to evolve. Stay tuned.

9 thoughts on “Changes Taking Place at Cruz Bay Taxi Stand”

  1. I don’t understand,If the taxis will wait at Enighed parking to be called to service( which I think is a great idea),then why do they still get the 13 parking spots at the dock? Isn’t it about the difficulties parking in Cruz bay?

    Also, Why are they concerned about people with name signs? Just curious.

    How can one pick up a friend at the ferry dock now if we can not double park? There is NO parking in Cruz bay for 10-15 mins without paying 5 dollars.

  2. Wow. The Taxi’s do not pay the port authorities. The site is then GIVEN to them by the Governor, ( we the people have no say). Now they are going to charge all of us to park there for 5 minutes to pick up guests…. What happens if we don’t pay?????

  3. We who live here and pay dearly for taxes and utilities are seemingly the ones who are being penalized when it is necessary to pick up guests. This looks to be just another way to allow the already rude, careless and bad driving habits of the taxi drivers to persist, and now at no cost to them.
    The Governor’s office just gave his friends a great Christmas gift, please remember this when election time comes around. Look closely at the candidates and their particular political party and ask, “just what have you done for me lately?”

  4. •People picking up villa guests will no longer be allowed to stand at the head of the dock with signs bearing the guest’s name.

    What does this have to do with evicting the taxis???

  5. Not a smart move from a tourism point of view. This will make it extremely difficult for property managers to rondevous with arriving guests, especially first-timers. I guess the best solution from our perspective would be to advise all of our guests to rent a car at the airport and barge over. If guests arrive on St. John with a car already, then the real losers are the taxi drivers who seem to have created the problem by not paying the fee in the first place.

    Property Manager for 30 years…..

  6. Have not missed one year since our honeymoon on Nov 4 th 1972. After reading this it sounds like we can not be picked up at the dock by anyone. We already booked our home and Jeep for May 17th . Sadly this will probably be our last year visiting St John. Sounds like the problems to get picked up and dropped off at the dock are just getting worst. We have loved the island for 33 years but so many road blocks will probably prevent us from returning.

  7. Okay, let’s get this straight. The reason for all of this is the Taxi association did not pay some of the $400 per month TOTAL for ALL of the Association members. Right? Now, EACH of the permitted 40 taxis per day are supposed to pay $10 PER DAY to use the taxi stand? Let’s figure this out; $400 TOTAL per month vs. 40 taxis times $10 per day each times 30 days = $12,000 per month? RIGHT! Somebody is smoking that funny stuff they sell late at night downtown! Bob

  8. We have been coming to St. John 3 times a year for the last 12 years.Since rental cars from St.Thomas can now go to St.John, it makes taking taxis on both islands a thing of the past. So much easier to get rental cars at or near the airport and your on your way.Could not a solution have been negotiated between all parties without gov’t getting involved?

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