Changes Happening at Maho

maho no parking
Maho Bay has been packed over the past few months. Gone are the days where you could be one of maybe a dozen or two people lounging on the beach and enjoying what I think are some of the best views on island. Instead cars have been jammed inside its small parking lot, crammed into the parking spots created in the woods and lined alongside the street, sometimes on both sides. Well it looks like some of that’s about to change.

I took a cruise by Maho last week and noticed a few changes were in the works. The first and most noticeable change were more than a dozen wooden posts that had been placed along both sides of the road to prevent people from parking on the street. This will also protect the small sea grape trees that were planted well over a year ago, so that in itself makes me happy. There was also at least one new “No Parking” sign placed along the roadway. And perhaps the best change I saw – new garbage bins right beside the parking lot. That was definitely a pleasant sight. That means that Maho now joins Hawksnest, Trunk, Cinnamon and Francis for North Shore beaches with garbage receptacles.

maho poles street

maho trash cans

maho alternate view

There was still construction equipment in the parking lot when I drove past Sunday afternoon, so additional changes may be happening. We’ll keep you all posted on what we see.

5 thoughts on “Changes Happening at Maho”

  1. My first thought was “Oh no!” But IMHO this is good news. A slightly longer trek to “our spot”, but it will be worth it! Kudos for the garbage bins, too!

  2. do you know what the building on the left side is going to be? My husband and I have a bet going as to what the building will be. Is it a visitors center?

  3. Kathy: My understanding is that it will be a private residence, as one of the Marsh family inholdings (there were a number of these, mostly above the road) that were part of the complex deal between the family members, the Trust for Public Lands, and the NPS, that a few years ago put most of the land behind Maho Bay into the VINP. Many people assumed that this had always been Park land, but while it had not been developed, this was not the case, and a very different and bad outcome was possible until TPL brokered the deal. This was a big gain for the National Park.

    All the best,


  4. Anyone have any clues about whats happening at maho bay campgrounds?
    Things seem to have gone silent on its future…

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