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amy robinson bridal bouquet

We get a ton of emails here at News of St. John asking about the best beaches, the best restaurants, the best places to stay… We also get a ton asking us questions about having a wedding on St. John. Well today we’d like to tell you about Amy and John, a couple from North Carolina who recently married here on the island with the help of Stacy Mulcare of Ceremonies of St. John. Their story is pretty cute, so we figured we’d let Amy tell it in her own words.

How did you and John meet?

“It was all about timing! I lost my mother to breast cancer the spring of 2010, so it was only fitting that John would catch my eye at a local breast cancer fundraiser in January of 2012. Unfortunately, he was dating someone at the time. Four months later, we were both at another fundraiser for the same organization … this time I caught his eye, but I was now dating someone!! So, we continued to bump into each other at various social events around Charleston until November of 2012, when the timing was finally right for the both of us …. John cooked me dinner for our first date, and we’ve been together ever since! As it turns out, we grew up about about a mile apart from each other in Columbia, SC, attended the same parties and social functions through high school and college but never knew each other! It’s wild – like our own personal orbits were out of sync for years until the paths finally aligned in 2012!”

How did John propose?

“John and I had planned a fall weekend getaway at my family’s mountain house in Blowing Rock, NC. The leaves were at their peak fall color and we wanted to soak it all in, so we left Charleston early on a Friday morning and arrived in Blowing Rock a little before lunch, but decided to go for a hike as soon as we got there because rain was in the forecast that afternoon and we could grab lunch later. So we got to the spot and started up the ridge because it looked like the bottom was going to fall out! Once we made it, there we were – at the mountain summit in this veil of fog that was framing the beautiful reds and oranges and yellows of the leaves …. and then, drip drip drip … it started to rain! This was apparently John’s cue to propose, and so he asked me to marry him right there on the top of the mountain as this misty fog and light rain enveloped us. It was absolutely beautiful!! Afterwards when we were calling our friends and families to recount the story of how he proposed, it turned out that what John didn’t know was that this was the exact same trail that my identical twin sister was on when she was proposed to 2 years earlier!”

And most importantly, how why did you decide to marry here on St. John?
“John and I both love the islands and the Virgin Islands is one of our favorite places although we’d never traveled there together until the week of our wedding. As it turns out, we were both traveling around the BVIs the same week 8 years ago before we actually met. We both agreed that we wanted our wedding to be intimate yet fun and St John was one of the first places that came to mind. It combines our love of the mountains and the sea and offered so many activites that we could share with our family and friends.”

Here are a few pictures from Amy and John’s wedding. The photos were taken by Chris Bramley.

amy robinson viel

Amy Robinson with bridesmaids

amy robinson walk with Dad

Amy Robinson 12415Amy Robinson    John Glenn III  12415

Interested in having your wedding here on St. John? Contact Stacy Mulcare at Ceremonies of St. John to plan your ultimate destination wedding. You can call her toll free at 1-888-282-3933 or email her at [email protected]. You can also visit Ceremonies of St. John’s website at www.usviwedding.com

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