Live Music Update

Live Music Update 2

Good Morning!  Things are in full swing on island with live music happening nightly at a few establishments and sporadic traveling acts being scheduled at various venues.  Oh, and music is BACK at the Beach Bar!  March kicked off with VI Jam Fest bringing some world class musicians to St. John and I can’t tell you how good it felt to be watching and listening to a full band right in front of me again.  So, if you’re passionate about live music, like myself, and REALLY missed it while it was gone, read on so you can get your fill while you’re on St. John this month!

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The Inside Scoop on Kenny Chesney’s “Knowing You” Video

The Inside Scoop on Kenny Chesney's "Knowing You" Video 3

Good Morning!  Kenny Chesney released his “Knowing You” music video today and I wanted to share a bit about the people, and the boat, involved in this video….The following is a sneak peek into a more in depth, upcoming interview with the video cast and sailing crew aboard the featured vessel, Kai.

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St. John Travel Tips

St. John Travel Tips 6

Good Morning Everyone!  We just wrapped up a  CRAZY busy wave here on St. John!  President’s Day week was one for the books and it’s no surprise.  With many destinations, including the British Virgin Islands, continuing to keep their borders extremely restricted, flight costs to the territory at an all time low and the USVI topping the lists of travel blogs all over the web as a top destination for 2021, its not surprising that we are seeing a lot of new visitors and repeat travelers doubling down on their time spent here this season.

In the following post, I’ve compiled a list of current Do’s and Do Not’s, including up to date COVID-19 information, as a guideline for newcomers and as a refresher for those of you who have visited religiously over the years.

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Love City Takes a Shot! (In the Arm)

Love City Takes a Shot! (In the Arm) 7

The winds have shifted here in the USVI. Today we no longer focus on the number of positive COVID-19 test results, although those numbers are very, very low!  In the Governor’s press conference yesterday, he marked the coming one year anniversary of a year of response and hardships for our community and small business owners.

This one year anniversary reveals a new chapter and new goal of working as a community towards herd immunity.  As of yesterday, 12,000 Virgin Islanders had been vaccinated, and the Governor has set a community goal of 50,000, or half of the population of the territory, to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in the coming months.

Love City Takes a Shot! (In the Arm) 8

So today, we focus on growing the number instead of decreasing it.  Say what you will about the administration and their accelerated efforts towards the COVID-19 pandemic.  St. John is currently busier than I have seen in recent years.  And active cases are below 100.  Something is working.

Love City Takes a Shot! (In the Arm) 9

This is not a plug for vaccinations…I believe that we have all been on our own very individual paths through all of this pandemic.  And each person’s stance on vaccinations do not delineate from that belief.  Here, I’ll tell a story of a milestone for a local clinic, a story of a community working together and my own personal experience in receiving the COVID-19 Moderna vaccine.  Because during my experience, I was once again reminded of how truly fortunate I feel to live in this community and how grateful I am for the hardworking people who make the wheels turn behind the scenery and the beautiful backdrops!

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Kevin and Cheech Talk Love City Hard Seltzer

Kevin and Cheech Talk Love City Hard Seltzer 12

Last Friday, I was at Cruz Bay Landing having dinner and I ran into Kevin Chipman, co-owner and founder of St. John Brewers…Love City’s only brewery.  He was wearing a backpack and a mask and pounding the pavement in promotion of the company’s latest creation; Love City Hard Seltzer.  Kevin asked me to come by and pick up one of their mixed 12-packs to sample before coming in to chat with he and STJ Brewers co-founder, Chirag “Cheech” Vyas, about the product that is proving to be the dynamic duo’s silver lining of 2020.

Kevin and Cheech Talk Love City Hard Seltzer 13
Cheech (left) and Kevin (right) started St. John Brewers over 15 years ago.

Since the pandemic hit, I have watched with pride as many Love City locals, business owners and residents, once again, proved resilient.  Although severe economic impact swept St. John like a dark cloud, I watched as many people changed their focus, tried something new or made a great use of their time to produce a new venture that would further sustain them in the event of ANOTHER bump in the road.  On February 1, St. John’s beloved brewers launched their new Love City Hard Seltzer that would broaden their market and give seltzer lovers, like myself, another way to shop local.

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