Castaway’s Debuts New Menu

It’s the weekend … woohoo! Happy Saturday everyone!

For those of you who’ve been lucky enough to spend some time in Cruz Bay over the past few weeks and have gone over to Castaway’s, you’ve probably noticed some changes. They’re really stepping things up over there in an effort to attract a more mature crowd, and I have to say, I really like what they’re doing. Well today we’re happy to announce that they just launched a new menu, and it looks delish!

Check it out and let us know what you think:

Castaways menu

13 thoughts on “Castaway’s Debuts New Menu”

  1. Jen, I don’t think that “delish” menu is going to bring in families with children. first off, you have to run the gauntlet through “drug alley” all 4 corners. Count me as very skeptical that this menu will do the trick. Castaways is a far cry from Duffy’s Love shack.

  2. God luckto them but most families do not enjoy passing by drug dealers at the entrance to their dining experience. Drug alley, crackhead alley, whatever you call it that location will not lend itself to anything other than been a lower end option until outside (and inside) are cleaned up. I’m not sure how they can do that though because the police certainly won’t help.

  3. Jenn (and Kevino),
    They have hired hostesses to ensure people are not hanging in their entry way ( aka alley). They are really trying to upgrade themselves and in my opinion it is terrific of them to do so. They want to get away from just the college kid scene that they were known for at late night and have a more friendly atmosphere. I wish them luck and will try their food!

  4. I tried the lobster quesadilla from Castaway’s new menu, good portion size and tasted great. Had friends that tried the lollipop chicken with Parmesan Garlic sauce, very rich, but got great comments from all that tried them. I highly recommend trying this new menu. Good spot, great menu, draft beer & amazing staff (thanks Dan, Casey & Annie).

  5. I checked out the new menu last night and the steak quesadillas are spectacular! I think this new menu will be a great addition to castaways and can’t wait to try more next time I visit!

  6. Was just there last week (multiple times) with the family (11 year old). Great food, great staff and other families present. Can’t recommend it more for those that want good chow, watch sports and have a good time. Go Bruins!

  7. Everyone talking about no one wanting to walk down that road is making very little sense right now. Rhumblines and Cafe Roma are both restaurants that offer family atmospheres, and are located in the same area. You should be supportive of someone making a positive move instead of shining light on negativity.
    Anyway, back to what this article is about – Castaway’s making their business more mature, attractive, and offering a new menu – Went last night to check it out and it was great! Between three of us, we ordered the Steak Quesadilla, Lobster Quesadilla, Nachos, Buffalo Peg Legs, and Buffa-Q Peg Legs, everything tasted fantastic, and the presentation of the dishes was also nice. I think Dan and his team are doing a great job, many people are enjoying the new atmosphere, and since the change has begun, it’s become one of my new favorite hangouts.

  8. I have been coming to St John for over 10 years and Castaways is hands down one of the best bars on island. I can’t wait to try this new menu on my next trip down. The environment is amazing and one of the only bars on island that serves draft beer–rumor has it they just installed a new tap system too! (also able to catch any sports game with their endless TV’s). Always plenty of cheerful staff so never have to wait long for drinks. The ownership has done an amazing job renovating the bar to make it one of the staples of St John. Castaways is the first bar we go to when we get off the ferry and the last bar before we leave. Ownership takes full pride in delivering the best possible product and anyone that spends 5 minutes inside will see that. I highly recommend stopping by for a drink and grabbing one of their famous t-shirts.

  9. They have a new hostess stand outside where everyone thinks drug dealers hang out. Two lovely young ladies were greeting guests last Saturday Night when I went to meet friends upstairs. I did not see any drug dealers or homeless people inside or outside of CastAways . Rhumb Lines, one of our favorite restaurants is a couple doors down and families do not hesitate to go there for their delicious food and atmosphere. I live on St John and have never been offered drugs by anyone. The food at Castaways was very good, we had Tacos, nachos, sliders and drinks. It is still a bar and not a place I would hang with children. Also prices were very reasonable for the quantity of food!

  10. We wish Dan & crew all the best. Visiting Castaway’s is always at the top of our list each trip. Especially like the classed-up “Clastaway’s” upstairs with 14 beers on tap. Had a chance to sample some of the new food offerings during the experimentation phase a few weeks ago and we’re looking forward to a return visit in July. Again, best of luck to Dan and his talented staff.

  11. Thank you Beth and Shei. There is a great new vibe at Castaways. The staff is very helpful and friendly. I love the new food. There needed to be a place that you could get good food and munches with good drinks. Thanks to Dan and his crew for trying to make it a great place to go.

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