Flying? Why it’s still smart to use carry ons

Aiport Anyone who's passed through the Cyril E. King airport knows the baggage handling system is awful.  That includes even the V.I. Port Authority which oversees the airport. 

At a recent meeting of the Authority, plans to redo the baggage system, replace the air conditioning system, improve the runways and alter the layout of the building were discussed. The cost estimate was about $20 million, according to a report of the meeting by the St. John Source.

The big problem, and the reason you may still miss your flight because the baggage check-in system sucks, is of course, Money.  The Port Authority doesn't have it. 

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The economy has socked the PA's revenues, down about 10% or $4 million for the year.  And then there's the fact two VI government agencies, Natural Resources and Water and Power, which lease office space in PA buildings, owe $472,000 in back rent.  American Airlines owes a few hundred thousand dollars more.

So … sounds like using carry on bags is going to be the best strategy for a long time.

4 thoughts on “Flying? Why it’s still smart to use carry ons”

  1. No kidding. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost my luggage! Which is a bummer since when I come down, I love to bring (and check) a box of Trader Joe’s and other food goodies for my parents. Oh well….

  2. I’ve totally converted to carry-on only; didn’t think I could do it but the last 2 trips I did & it is wonderful!!!
    So easy & quick on all legs of the trip.

  3. We’ve traveled with only carry-ons for over ten years now and love the freedom. I can never go back to checking a bag no matter how long the vacation is. I’d rather ship things ahead if I have to. A trip through Europe with too much luggage and trying to make fast 120 second train connections cured me of taking too much with me.

  4. Instead of checking baggage we mail items that ten years ago we would have put underneath. It’s cheaper than checked luggage and, given the rate of loss, more reliable and possibly quicker. We send several flat rate boxed to Keep-Me-Posted in Coral bay. All that’s required is a tad more planning in order to get things out in time for the boxes to arrive close to the time we get on island.

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