Car rental rates going higher

April will bring a new tax on car and truck rentals.  The $2 a day levy will be collected by rental agencies and is supposed to be sent to the Internal Revenue Bureau within 30 days of the end of the month, according to a report in the St. John Source. One business owner said, "Of course it will be passed on to the consumer."

A visitor from Connecticut was unconcerned, however.  "What’s $2 a day for paradise," said Laura Lerman. Her husband, Kenneth, said everything else is so expensive that $2 more a day wouldn’t make a difference.

Of greater concern to all St. John residents and visitors is a new tax which will increase  cost of items businesses bring to the island by container from St. Thomas.  A container less than 40 feet long will be subject to a $50 tax, over 40 feet means a tax of $100.  The owner of St. John Hardware, Tommy Bertolino, said the new tax is just another straw.  He estimated that the cost of bringing a container across Pillsbury Sound in the past year has increased $225, due to expenses related to Homeland Security procedures at ports and on the containers.  St. John Hardware beings in a container a week, he told the Source.

2 thoughts on “Car rental rates going higher”

  1. Being a resident of Ct – the attitude of the
    Ct Couple on a new tax is exactly what has
    happened in this state for years. The result is Ct is the Highest Taxed State in
    the Nation. Don’t let Paradise follow suit.

  2. What Homeland Security …. The chunky fellow at the Ferry with the “Security” baseball hat that was chewing a toothpicks? What a slacker. All he did was sit in the shade. What they need is a couple of Industrial Engineers from Disney to figure out crowd control and flow.

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