Car barge prices rise

CarbargeBlaming higher fuel costs, one of the three companies which operates car barge service from St. John to Red Hook will boost its round trip fare from $35 to $50 beginning Friday, April 15.  One-way fares will be boosted from $22 to $30.

Cheri Jackson, manager at Boyson Inc., said, "We have no choice," the Virgin Islands Daily News reported.  Boyson runs two barges, the General and General II.  "It’s nothing that anybody wants to do. But we’re operating a business and we have no choice.  It’s simple economics," she added.

The two other barge operators, Global Marine and Republic Barge Service have not boosted rates, but it may be only a matter of time.  Global’s Stanley Hedrington said he may raise rates and if he does, he will also increase service.  He’s considering expanding his hours to include runs until midnight.  Anecia Sewer, whose Republic company operates the Captain Vic, told the newspaper her company is not boosting prices at the moment.  "We realize that car ferries are the umbilical cord that connects the islands, and our customers depend on it," she said.

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