St. John car barge out of service

Barge6 One of the car barges operated by Boyson Inc. is in dry dock after an accident Sunday afternoon. 

The Coast Guard was planning to inspect the General II for damage. It ran aground on a reef on a trip from Red Hook to Enighed Pond. 

The boat must be taken out of the water and inspected for damage to its hull.  The St. John Source quoted Sherry Boynes-Jackson saying the ship's keel had been banged up but that the barge was able to travel under its own power.  Boyson has a second ferry, its newest, Mr. B. It will run an 'upgraded schedule' until General II is back in service, the company said.

The other car barge operator, Love City Ferries, issued a notice of its schedule.  Barges leave St. John every two hours on the even hour and make the return trip from St. Thomas every hour on the odd hour from 6:15 a.m. to 7 p.m.

If the General II is found to be OK, it could be back in service late this week, according to Boynes-Jackson.

Reports of the barge accident:

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  1. This will be very revealing for the doubting Thomases out there. When the small (private) landing barge broke a SMALL piece of reef at Lovango a few years ago, the owners of Lovango were immediately fined by DPNR $1,000,000.00. After months and months of haggling and legal maneuvering and great expense, that was reduced appreciably. Will Boynes be subject to ANY fines? If so, will taxpayer subsidies pay them for him? Should be instructive as to the disparities in treatment of various parties in the V.I.

  2. I agree and am also diappointed in the lack of media attention to the reef damage — it’s all about inspecting the boat for damage! There needs to be accountability for environmental damage from the companies that do the damage.

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