Can’t find a bathing suit?

The Inquiring Iguana spends too much of his life on the Internet, surfing various forums where island visitors are eager to get the inside story on what’s happening here and how to enjoy St. John.  Here’s some of what he’s been overhearing recently.

A day on the water is as close to heaven as some people can get, and any number of island Captains are offering their boats for charter.  The Internet forums are a way people trade recommendations and trip reports.

In one thread, Capt. Phil Chalker and his Wayward Sailor came in for some comment. “Xraymaker” complained, "I called Captain Phil and explained to him that we did not have our swimsuits (very limited sizes of bathing suits on St. John) and we could not go on the trip."

Unable to find a mutually agreeable date to reschedule, Xraymaker continued on the Trip Advisor.com St. John forum, "He was not very sympathetic and charged us for the full cost of the trip." 

Most of the comments from people who’d also sailed on the Wayward Sailor (http://www.waywardsailor.net) and had a good time. 

While no one out and out called Xraymaker a wuss, “TheResej” said, "I
would have gone in my shorts and t-shirt … I can’t help but think
that if the reason for cancellation  was for something more serious …
he would have been … more accommodating."

5 thoughts on “Can’t find a bathing suit?”

  1. I think I would have went in my shorts and t-shirt also…..Capt Phil is very accommodating and I think that is such a silly reason to cancel a wonderful trip with a great Captain!! Their loss!!

  2. Captain Phil is one of the most accomodating people in business that I have ever met! He is accomodating, but busy as the most popular charter captain in St. John. I have known him for over ten years and consider him a close friend, but still I must book a charter well in advance because he is so busy.
    Who goes to St. John without a bathing suit? Silly Xraymaker, what are you complaining about?
    A charter with Captain Phil is an experience you will never forget, next time bring your bathing suit when visiting paradise!

  3. Does Xraymaker actually expect anyone to sympathize with him ?! That’s about the dumbest thing I have heard – he actually came to STJ without a bathing suit – oh, pa-leez! Of course Capt. Phil should have charged him full price – it very well knocked him out of a 1/2 or full day of work… no bathing suit, give me a break !!

  4. It makes a little more sense if you are told that their luggage was lost.
    That’s why it’s a good idea to pack a day’s worth of necessities in your carry-on just in case! A bathing suit is pretty much a necessity on St. John and it doesn’t take up a lot of room in a bag.

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