Caneel’s Sunday brunch is toast

Besides deciding to close in September and October, the Caneel Bay resort has also eliminated its fantastic all-you-can eat Sunday Brunch. 

The smorgasbord/buffet featured trays of of fresh fruits,  sausages, ham, cereals, salads, Eggs Benedict, scrambled eggs, eggs-anyway-you-wanted them, pastries (love those Macaroons), champagne, unlimited Bloody Marys, and much more.  It was a memorable, elegant, albeit expensive way to begin Sunday. ($59/person.)

But, alas, it is no more … as Trip Advisor's “Nilod” of Boston found last Sunday

In its place, Caneel is offering a $35 Sunday lunch service.  Same great view, same great service, same great way to rest on the 7th day.

(Photograph via ameInfo.com)

6 thoughts on “Caneel’s Sunday brunch is toast”

  1. Caneel Resort and its marketing/PR management are destroying what made Caneel: its service, atmosphere and good will in the community towards it. And getting rid of many traditions that brought guests back year after year, generation after generation is another symptom of a corporate mentality set in new york city completely ignoring west indian culture, lifestyles and traditions
    The renovation of the lobby area and offices that now make it like a bunker with institutional doors and locks, the corrupting of Turtle Bay with its awful steakhouse menu and concept, tearing up front roadway in middle of season-brilliant idea, getting rid of the amazing Sunday brunch traditions, taking away from on site managers at rosewood properties the ability to create local and regional advertising and public relations….rosewood decides that new york city knows best…it doesn’t.
    I have had enough, employee morale is down and the final straw of eliminating Sunday Brunch….I will never go back on property.

  2. Caneel’s luncheon buffet has always been a treat and it is every day not just Sunday. Up to this year, the price was $27 for the combined hot and cold treats and $23 for the cold buffet only: salads/cheeses/cold soup/deserts. However, we discovered last week that hot buffet went up to $35 a head but the cold price is still $23. Still a great value and includes your after meal coffee/tea. We go late (1:00 or so) to make it the one meal of the day.

  3. You may be right about the corporate management by rosewood. But, I had a great experience – as a non guest- at Caneel. I had been stranded without a rental car upon my arrival on Sunday,Feb.8 – I had arrived after the Hertz office was closed at 4 pm. No one knew much, no key was left. Then emerged the Front Office Manager, Matthew Bartle. He listened to my plight and decided to do something about it. He proceeded to get me a car anyway, and get me on my way by 7PM. He hustled until he got answers and solved the problem. His attitude was helpful, “can do” all the way, even knowing full well that I was not a guest, just a tourist picking up a car to get to the East End.
    I am a manager of 22 sales people. So, I appreciate it when I see CUSTOMER SERVICE above and beyond.
    Applause to you Matthew. Perhaps you will help restore -( single handedly?) -the community reputation so long enjoyed by Caneel Bay Resort.
    Tom Duffy, New Hampshire

  4. My criticism has always been about the new management (since Rik Blythe left) and rosewood marketing/PR…never have complaint about staff…they are the best. But I refuse to reward management by spending my dollars there. And I advise others to do the same until corporate puts power back into the hands of Caneel’s managers, hopefully newe ones, not some people in new york city. And above all, gets rid of a “steakhouse” at Turtle Bay and bring back sunday brunch the way it was…

  5. The unchanging nature of Caneel was very comforting as the rest of the island became less and less “quaint.” Seems like Caneel has thrown in the towel as well. A real shame that the new management doesn’t seem to have a feel for what made Caneel guests so loyal from generation to generation.

  6. It’s so sad. I’ve just returned to St John after a long two years…I have lived on St John, brought friends and family on many trips over the years and have stayed at Caneel several times. I was amazed to find the new front gate with guard and “the ticket for entrance” being issued…amazing. I asked at the front desk if management had changed and I received a blank stare….it appears it is time to find another island after 20 years of great visits…

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