Caneel’s fastest man back on track

Jeremy Zuber is back at Canel Bay Resort.

Zuber_2But for some people, it's much more interesting that he's back on St. John  where he has repeatedly won the 8 Tuff Miles Road Race, including 2008 and 2009.  (This year's competition is set for Feb. 26.)

ZuberZuber started work at Caneel in 2004.  He spent nearly five years in concierge and guest services before moving away from the islansd to take on a role at an upscale Florida property.

He returned this fall, and told resort management he intends to defend his title next month.

14 thoughts on “Caneel’s fastest man back on track”

  1. I’ve got a $100 bet that Zuber will beat any challengers. Don’t care how fast the guy ran last year. Jeremy knows these hills. Bring in the fastest person you want, Zubbie will take him. Zubes, I got 100 ridin’ on ya so I hope you have been training. hehe


  3. I have seen Jeremy run over the last few years. I’ve been fortunate enought to be near him for the first three miles. Let me tell you, boy has a higher gear he shifts into on the hills. He must have some Kenyan blood. But I will say one thing, the man who won last year took it out strong from the gun and never let up. His form wasn;t as good as Jeremy’s but his heart was huge. This year should be quite a showdown if they both show up

  4. J. Zuber is a good man. It is good to see he returned home. St. John model citizen: drug-free, hard-working. He proves that not all young people who move to St. John are here to party and smoke reefer or mary jane.

  5. Jeremy,
    Can you post a comment to settle the training/nontraining ready/not ready debate going on here? Are you in top shape? Can you get your record back?We Stjohnians need excitement and betting on whether you will win excites me.

  6. 4 weeks and counting! Can someone televise the race so we can see the action? Sounds like it will be quite a duel. Can someone video it from a motorcycle like they do in marathon racing? I would love to see the action

  7. This is your year to push yourself harder than you ever have. I am so proud of you and all the hard work you are putting in. Excited to see you in action race day! Rocky beat the Russain and so can you. i love u zuberman!

  8. Unless J. Zuber was slacking against the competition in his previous races, there is no way he will beat the guy who won last year. That guy would be a full half mile ahead of JZ’s best time. That is a huge gap. I wish him luck but some things just aren’t possible. Some people are simply on a different level than others.

  9. marsh a little harsh, positive thinking goes along way. I defied odds when I was a gymnast, anything is possible. Lets continue to try to keep these posts positive.

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