Caneel is irreplaceable, says Blyth

On the job as managing director of Caneel Bay Resort for the past 16 months has taught Rik Blyth the place is one of a kind. "You could not recreate this resort in today’s world."  He told the St. John Sun-Times the greatest challenge in running the 175-acre, 166-room, 7-beach facility is "playing the role of caretaker to a place of such age and setting." 

That also means observing tradition.  Even though rooms at Caneel range from $400 to $900 a night, there still are no phones or television. But that doesn’t mean he’s a luddite.  Technology, in the form of GPS systems, is incorporated into treasure hunts on the property, and some rooms have powerful telescopes.  "I discovered I could see beaches on St. Thomas as clearly as though I was standing right in front of its windows."

The recent purchase of Caneel by Rosewood resorts has brought new investment in the property.  The tennis courts are being resurfaced, furniture in the terrace and bar is being replaced, and construction is underway on a new seaside bar which will feature brick oven pizza.  Plans are also to refurnish the guest rooms, but only after letting long-time guests see them and make comments.

5 thoughts on “Caneel is irreplaceable, says Blyth”

  1. My wife and I stayed at Caneel for the first time in March of 2005. What a relaxing place! The one suggestion or comment I had was the absense of seaside pool.

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