Caneel Bay to close for two months

Caneel Bay
will shut down September 1st through Oct. 31st.  A brief announcement of the first-in-memory closure appeared on the Caneel Web site.

September and October are the most likely months for hurricanes to threaten the island.  This is why a number of rental homes, including Blue Tang, close during this period to avoid guests finding that, as last fall when Omar threatened, their vacations are interrupted or cut short.

Caneel’s owner, Rosewood Hotels and Resorts, owns luxury properties from Santa Fe to Dubai. Its holdings also include Little Dix Bay in the BVIs, which is not closing.

Rosewood does market research and its business depends upon accurately anticipating demand. With years of experience in the resort business catering to the high-end traveler, the company’s survival depends on managing its properties for profit.  Odds are that the resort company’s marketing research is flashing red lights about there being enough business to justify staying open these two months

It may be that Caneel’s decision will have ripples. It’s possible that restaurant owners may take longer late summer breaks.  Villa management companies may take Rosewood’s decision as a ‘heads up’ about the off season and also decide to scale back.

Gerald Singer, a longtime island resident and guide book writer, commented on his blog saying, "Looks like St. John is starting to see some fallout from the
much-publicized economic crisis that’s playing havoc with people the
world over."

4 thoughts on “Caneel Bay to close for two months”

  1. I agree with Gerald. I am one of those past visitors that 1)became increasingly aware and uncomfortable with the life styles of the rich and famous atmosphere of St. John 2)can no longer afford it, in part due to the economy – I could not justify paying $ 1800 a week for a 1-bedroom on the East End this March. I found a one-bedroom full kitchen casita ON THE BEACH on the Sea of Cortez for $ 560 and went with that. Mexico may be our new destination. I miss the old St. John

  2. Janet,
    I read your post, and said, “hey..wait a minute!” You haven’t heard of Cruz Views on St. John? It’s the best kept secret for condos on the island. 1-2 bedroom condos with pool, decks, walking distance to town, etc. (I believe it’s the cheapest rentals on the island!)Very affordable!

  3. Thanks Lynn – the $ 225 per night plus 8% hotel tax and 5% service charge adds up to $ 1779.00, just shy of the $ 1800 for the villa I was looking at on the East End. That’s why Mexico looks good right now!

  4. Janet, Mexico has professionally organized tourist industry which is why they dominate the US travel biz. St John’s is more homespun and slightly disorganized, but it has its charms.

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