Buy a House for only $129k … Seriously.

for sale signThere are currently 144 homes for sale on St. John. Of those, 95 are listed for more than $1 million while 15 come in at less than half of a million dollars. So what exactly can your money buy on the island? Let’s take a peek.

The least expensive home came on the market about two weeks ago. I have to say, when the listing hit my inbox, I was immediately intrigued. “Wooded lot with large trees and a nifty large gazebo type structure,” the listing stated. Ok, sounds interesting. Location: Near Gifft Hill. Ok, nice area. Price: $129,000. What?! I immediately contacted an agent to get more details. The response I received almost immediately was, “Do you like camping?” Darn, I knew it was too good to be true.

For those of you who fancy the whole camping thing, this property is a steal … well, that is if you really do like camping. There isn’t a bathroom, nor is there a kitchen. It doesn’t even have electricity, although WAPA service is in place. But it does look like a fun little house … for the right person of course. Check out a few pics below and click this link to see the full listing.

Glucksberg 1
Glucksberg 2
Glucksberg 3

Now that we’ve seen the least expensive, let’s check out the most expensive. You may have heard of it – it’s called Jungle Stone and it’s truly stunning.

Jungle Stone is described as being the “ultimate luxury villa hidden deep within the VI National Park overlooking the pristine North Shore of St. John and the BVIs. The generous 1 acre parcel gives an estate feel with protected boundaries & magnificent views.” Curious what the ultimate luxury may cost you? How about a cool $8.34 million. Check out a few pics below and click this link to see the listing over at Holiday Homes of St. John’s website.

Jungle Stone 2
Jungle Stone 3
Jungle Stone 1

How about something in the middle of these two properties? Coming in at $4,199,000 is a five-acre beachfront estate – Estate Zootenvaal. Here’s the description:

A five acre beachfront estate amongst thousands of acres of federally protected hillsides and coral reef. Less than a five minute drive from the sleepy hamlet of Coral Bay, Estate Zootenvaal represents the ultimate in everything St John has to offer. The compound is currently operated as a short term rental business, but with three recently refurbished guest cottages and a larger two bedroom, two bathroom villa directly on the beach, the property would also make an exceptional family estate.

A family estate, huh? Wouldn’t that be nice. Here are a few pics and again, click this link to see the listing over on Sotheby’s website.

Zootenvaal 1

Zootenvaal 2

Zootenvaal 3

Want to check out the other 141 houses for sale? Here is a list of several real estate agencies on the island:

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