Busy Bee Charters and Dive Shop Closes Their Doors

Busy Bee Charters and Dive Shop Closes Their Doors

I’m afraid I have some not so great news for all of you avid Coral Bay scuba divers out there today.  Busy Bee Charters and Dive Shop announced earlier this month that they will be closing their doors on July 30 after 10 years in operation under the current owners.  The beloved shop and charter outfit will no longer be in operation for trips at the end of this month, but you still have until August 15 to stock up on Busy Bee swag!

So, first I want to tell you that the owners, Bryan and Margaret, assured me that they are not leaving St. John!  But, instead they will be sticking around Love City and trying their hands at some new endeavors.  Simply put, the reason for the closing of Busy Bee is that the building sold a year ago and the landlord will be reappropriating the space.

Busy Bee Charters and Dive Shop Closes Their Doors 1

And, while running a charter business out of Coral Bay is difficult enough as it is, running a dive operation without a brick and mortar shop is next to impossible.  So, they will be moving on to different and hopefully bluer pastures 🙂

The best thing I ever did was become a father, seconded closely by meeting Margaret. Don’t kid yourself, however, this has been a contender; a real dream come true and I wouldn’t trade the last decade for anything. – Bryan

If you want to share some stories of your past trips with the company, please do so here!  And, if you want to support Bryan and Margaret in their new endeavors AND stock up on some soon to “bee” vintage merch, you can do so at the shop during their regular business hours until July 30 (8AM-4PM).

Busy Bee Charters and Dive Shop Closes Their Doors 2

OR from the comfort of your home via their website.  Use coupon code July10 to receive a 10% discount on your order of UV shirts, t-shirts, hats, cups or stickers.  And, for orders over $200, you will receive a 20% discount after purchase.

9 thoughts on “Busy Bee Charters and Dive Shop Closes Their Doors”

  1. I’m sorry to hear that. We just used them a few weeks ago. Margaret lent my daughter a computer charger for the week when hers was broken and she needed her computer for an online class she was taking. Best of luck to them!

  2. We did a snorkel with Busy Bee when we were on the island in January. They came highly recommended by our former Mahoian friends (Fred and Renee), and we all loved the snorkel! All the best to Bryan and Margaret in whatever their future endeavors bring!

  3. Very sad to read this. Bryan & Margaret are substantial contributors to the quality of our Coral Bay community. Many wonderful hours spent with them. Huge loss for all of us. Thank you for ten years.

  4. Oh so many memories! The one that floats to the top is my 100th dive and the heroic efforts Bryan and Steve and the rest of the crew went through to make that happen. Upon entering the watering my BCD popped a valve jeopardizing my 100th dive. Bryan popped into action, giving his BCD to Steve, Steve giving his BCD to me, and Bryan throwing a rope over an air tank and strapping it on to join us underwater. Quite the adventure. I ended up using Margaret’s BCD the rest of the week. I just can’t imagine any other dive group doing that. I will miss them badly. Best of luck in the your next venture. Sincerely Lisa DeLuca

  5. You rarely find people as genuine as Bryan and Margaret. To say that their business will be missed can’t be adequately articulated. Whatever they do we will support!
    We cherish the memories and adore all three of them !!!

  6. Sorry to hear of the closure………..was an nice crew and nice location!
    I was planning on a 2023 dive or two.
    My old “Big Red” GMC pickup here in Maine still sports a bee sting sticker on the rear window that elicits questions by some when they see St. John dive sticker next to it.
    Best of luck on other endeavors!
    Gary L./

  7. Bryan and Margaret, good luck with future projects! (Floating taco boat that delivers?). Bryan and the busy bee are will always be part of our best family memories. Thank you!

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