Business lottery canceled

Gary Moses’ plan to sell his Mixology Warehouse to someone looking to own a business on St. John has come to a close.  "We fell short on entries," he said on the venture’s Web site, http://www.myparadisebusiness.
Moses invited people to send him an essay, and an entry fee of $200
explaining why they wanted to own a business on the island.  Moses said
the full entry fee will be returned to applicants, even though the
rules permitted him to keep a portion for administration.  "We do plan
on running the contest again in early 2007," he said.

3 thoughts on “Business lottery canceled”

  1. Not sure if he’s a con artist but it takes a lot of guts to try to sell a business asking a minimum number of 200.00 entries that probably would take in more than the business is worth.
    I mean it is afterall a liquor store with an inventory. I’m sure you could rent space, bring in your inventory and start selling for a lot less than he hopes to gross off the lottery. But than again, 200.00 probably sounds pretty cheap to a dreamer of owning a business on STJ.

  2. I would like to point out here that the gentleman DID return all entry fees. Can’t see how that makes him seem dishonest. Also, there is more to setting up a business than ordering supplies and figuring out what to do next.The business structure, clients, etc, was all in place.

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