Business Spotlight:  Shop On-Line at the Honeymoon Beach Boutique

Business Spotlight: Shop On-Line at the Honeymoon Beach Boutique

One of my favorite things about visiting the BVI are the little beach boutiques! Soggy Dollar Bar, Foxy’s and Sydney’s Peace and Love all have really eclectic shirts, cups, stickers and other merch that I have accumulated over the years and always remind me of a great day on the water! I’m happy to say that several little boutiques like this have popped up in the USVI. So you can get your souvenir shopping fix during a great day on the water right here on St. John.

Today, I’m highlighting the Honeymoon Beach Boutique – accessible by boat, by shuttle from Caneel Bay and ONLINE! So, even if you aren’t making it down to the VI this summer, you can still re-up your St. John merchandise collection from the comfort of your own home!

Check out the hats and other apparel!  But get your discount voucher first!

This family owned and operated business utilizes the inspiration of the islands for their beautiful, high quality merchandise. Sybille Sorrentino (mom!) runs the company on the ground with the assistance of her 24-year old son, Luke who has Downs Syndrome. Luke is a ray of sunshine on the beach and greets each visitor with joy and enthusiasm. Daughter, Diana, helps with marketing and design work and is really doing a beautiful job at incorporating the sights of St. John into her work.

The shop offers everything you could need for a beach day including reusable cups, sun shirts, hats, towels and MASKS! Diana and her mother wanted to provide their staff with a comfortable and stylish way to be safe and follow government regulations in regards to face coverings. The masks were such a hit with the staff and guests that they decided to develop a whole line of them.

Match your mask to your bikini.

The custom masks are fitted with a soft cotton base for comfort against your skin and they fit nicely over an N95 or other mask to add a little style if you need the additional protection.

Shop for St. John masks online or in the store on the beach.

They are machine washable as well, so grab a few to rotate and reuse. These masks are available in dozens of colors and St. John centric styles for $14.95 so you can protect yourself and those around you while supporting the islands that you love!

A small selection of the cotton, machine washable masks.

Their silicone cups are a guest favorite and include the world famous Painkiller recipe printed on the back. So, when you get home with your cup, you don’t have to look far to recreate your favorite island drink.

The parent company for the boutique is VI Eco Tours and the staff is comprised of dozens of friendly and energetic individuals with marine science experience, kayak and raft guide backgrounds and St. John enthusiasts. So, when you stop to shop, you might get a little extra info for free with your purchase!

The Honeymoon Beach Boutique staff is ready to safely welcome you back to paradise. So, next time you are on St. John, make this your first stop to pick up your stylized mask and reusable cup before hitting the town! OR, visit their online store today to pick up a slice of paradise to add to your St. John stash.

We also have some deals for you to use with your boutique purchase! Did you know about StJohn.Deals? Well, you can purchase discounted vouchers applicable towards dining, shopping, lodging and activities on your next trip to St. John. You can shop these deals ahead of time and use them on your next vacation. Or, in this instance, online! We have a limited quantity of vouchers for the Honeymoon Beach Boutique available that get you $10 off your purchase of $50 or more!

Oh, and if you’re interested in finding out more about the variety of apparel the shop offers, check out this video of five St. John ready looks!

Happy shopping!

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  1. Ok, Am I missing it? Where is the shop located on St John? You mention the BVI location but not the USVI. Coming down in a few weeks and would like to check it out.

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