Business Spotlight: Low Key Watersports

Business Spotlight: Low Key Watersports

Summer is quickly approaching on St. John. This could be the perfect time for you to explore new places and try new things. For me, that “new thing” might just have to be diving, as it is becoming apparent that I am, quite literally, just skimming the surface of what St. John has to offer.

Low Key Watersports, a staple in the community since 1986, is now offering a great variety of new trips out of Cruz Bay for all levels of experience. Whether you’re a seasoned diver or a snorkeler ready to explore, the opportunities are endless. 

Now that the British Virgin Islands are easily accessible, Low Key can take you out to dive SHIPWRECKS! These trips are private, full-day charters on their 32’ World Cat. They can comfortably accommodate 4 divers for 3 tanks each (which would mean 3 different locations) or up to 6 divers for up to 2 tanks each. Destinations may vary depending on weather, but they will always try to prioritize the RMS Rhone site if the conditions allow. 

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There are plenty of beautiful reefs and wrecks to visit in the BVIs and each dive trip will be expertly curated to fit the needs of the divers. In all honesty, I have been nervous to dive, but these wreck-exploring opportunities make me want to rip the bandaid and get certified. I usually don’t have FOMO (fear of missing out) issues, but not being able to go on this trip definitely makes me feel like I am missing something big. Sidenote – keep an eye out on their Facebook page because they will be announcing a public version of the BVI Wrecks trip soon!

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Low Key is now also offering public snorkel trips out of Cruz Bay on one of their spacious 36’ Newton dive boats. The trips are currently twice a week, with a plan to increase frequency as demand increases. These adventures will be completely focused on snorkeling and will include water, snacks, sodas, and beer. Snorkeling off of a boat is a great advantage, as there are plenty of reefs to see that cannot be easily accessed by land. Might just have to book this for the in-laws when they come back down in June. 

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A huge goal of Low Key Watersports is to get people comfortable with the idea of diving. If you are new to the sport and want to see if it is something you would like to pursue further, a Discover Scuba Dive might be the perfect excursion for you. Certification is not required for this experience and it can be done in a single afternoon. 

“Lots of people assume [diving is] an adrenaline/adventure sport, and while it can be exhilarating at times, I find diving to be relaxing and cathartic more than anything,” Low Key Watersports General Manager Jeremy Prudhomme said. “It’s not for everyone but I have found that more than 90% of our guests that do a Discover Scuba Dive with us enjoy the experience and many of them choose to go on and get fully certified.”  

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The Discover course is an amazing opportunity to learn the basics, try out the equipment, and get some supervised diving experience without having to fully commit. I love the idea of having a fully hands-on adventure while still taking it slow. 

“I get that breathing underwater might seem daunting, but when done in a safe and controlled manner with a great company like ours, it can be a truly amazing experience,” Prudhomme said. “St. John is also the perfect place to try diving as there is lots to see in shallower water and no matter the conditions, we can almost always find a calm spot for people’s first dive.”

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Low Key Watersports was recently recognized as a “PADI Eco Center” for their consistent effort in conservation and marine education. Their goal is to get people to fall in love with the ocean the way they have, with hope that the love will encourage people to support great causes that help our marine environments. Low Key has been a huge supporter of organizations that champion these causes, working especially close with the Friends of the National Park and CORE.

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Whether you are daydreaming about your next trip or already on island, be sure to get in contact with Low Key Watersports and allow their knowledgeable staff to help find the perfect adventure for you and your crew. They have a full service watersports shop in Cruz Bay where you can shop, learn, and book your trips – with convenient onsite parking for guests. From private charters, to group dives, to fishing trips, if it happens on the water, they are the experts. 

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