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Today we’d like to tell you about an exclusive business on island that caters to those looking for an ultra-luxurious vacation, yet prefer to have the details settled prior to their arrival – Blue Sky Luxury Concierge.

Blue Sky is dedicated to providing individuals and corporations with the highest quality of service. Simply put, its mission is to go above and beyond its client’s expectations.

With over 25 years of experience in the U.S. and British Virgin Islands, Blue Sky creates once-in-a-lifetime vacation adventures. Their custom-made itineraries are filled with fun, adventure and relaxation and their concierge services are little to no extra cost to their clients. Below are some of the services they offer. Need something not on this list? Reach out to Blue Sky. Chances are they can help.

  • Luxury villa rentals and yacht charters
  • Villa and nautical provisioning services
  • Private jets
  • Private in-villa chefs
  • Restaurant recommendations and reservations
  • Private Yoga and Pilates sessions
  • Private or group boat charters around St. John, St. Thomas and the British Virgin Islands to include power boats, catamarans, sailing and fishing charters (full or half day charters are available)
  • Jet ski rentals and parasailing
  • Private kayaking and hiking trips
  • Scuba diving and snorkeling excursions
  • Private paddle board lessons, rentals and guided excursions
  • Half day or full day dinghy rentals
  • In-villa spa appointments include massages, facials, manicures & pedicures
  • Wedding services
  • Photographer to document unforgettable memories
  • Private land and water taxi charters from St. Thomas airport to directly to St. John
  • Private or group land tours around St. John and St. Thomas.
  • Childcare
  • Baby equipment rental
  • Helicopter charters from the St. Thomas airport to St. John

Blue Sky is also a premier Destination Management and Event Planning Company with over 15 years experience producing events ranging from small intimate parties to large-scale corporate events and worldwide tours. They have access to all musical talent so arranging an unforgettable birthday party with your favorite artist is also possible with Blue Sky. Their local knowledge, resources and network of partners means they can turn your dreams into reality.
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So you may be wondering how Blue Sky Luxury Concierge came to be. The business, owned by Shanna Dickerson, has a neat little connection to the island’s favorite country star. Here it is in Shanna’s own words:

“I was living in Nashville and had been in the music business for 10 years producing major concerts, music festivals and corporate events. Every year I struggled with ‘is it more important to live where you want to live and find work or stay where you are climbing the corporate ladder with the hopes of one day living out your dream.’ Well I turned 30 and just HAD follow my dream and move to St. John, my true happy place. I knew Kenny Chesney had a villa there and over the years I had produced a few of his shows, plus I knew his management company well. So I reached out to them and in no time I was on my way to starting a new chapter of my life on St. John. I moved to this amazing island in 2010 started Blue Sky Luxury Concierge, a single resource for all your vacationing, provisioning, event management and planning needs. Over the years I have continued to produce concerts, music festivals and corporate events in the U.S. so this company is also a wonderful benefit to offer to my music business clientele.”

Just last year, Shanna also expanded Blue Sky to provide global luxury concierge services beyond the USVI. This includes helping families plan trips to Italy, Aspen CO, Charleston, SC and more.

To learn more about Blue Sky, please visit www.BlueSkyConcierge.com

12 thoughts on “Business Spotlight: Blue Sky Luxury Concierge”

  1. (finger snap), (finger snap)…..uh excuse me, Sir? More champagne please. And for Heaven sake turn down this jet’s AC. It’s dreadfully cold in here. And please do find out where my manicurist/massage therapist is….he’s already 3 minutes late. And lastly, please tell Mr. Chesney to lower the volume back there. My Todd and Tiffany are trying to sleep!

  2. Dear News of St. John,
    What a nice article on Shanna’s BLUE SKY CONCIERGE SERVICE. I oversee several villas on STJ and have worked with Shanna and so many of her services. What was not mentioned was BLUE SKY’s PROVISIONING SERVICE and I believe it deserves mention. Guests who have had BLUE SKY provide provisioning arrive at the villas and everything is stocked and beautifully displayed. For guests who don’t avail themselves of this service usually have to make their first effort to go shopping. BLUE SKY saves

    • Dear News of St. John,
      What a nice article on Shanna’s BLUE SKY CONCIERGE SERVICE. I oversee several villas on STJ and have worked with Shanna and so many of her services. What was not mentioned in your article was BLUE SKY’s PROVISIONING SERVICE and I believe it deserves mention. Guests who had BLUE SKY provide provisioning arrive at the villa and everything they need is stocked and beautifully displayed. For guest who don’t avail themselves of this service usually have to make their first trip to the grocery store, instead of to the beach or jumping in the pool after their travel. Also, many of our guests use BLUE SKY’s CONCIERGE SERVICE to book day trips, massages, restaurant, events, excursions, all at no extra charge. Many of our local charter companies have benefitted from BLUE SKY bookings. Shanna has really made so many of our villa guests enjoy their vacation in paradise even that more meaningful. BLUE SKY will make your day!

  3. This is a great time saver for busy people who wish to maximize their time spent actually vacationing while leaving the planning legwork to the professionals who have all the best connections on speed dial. I have had guests of all budgets use Blue Sky and all have been thrilled with the attention to detail that this company ensures. Highly recommend!

  4. It amazes me that some people need other people to do EVERYTHING for them. Is it so hard to dial Rhumb Line on your own cell phone to make a dinner reservation? Or stop in at Cruz Bay Water Sports to to inquire about a snorkeling trip? And Steve Black, it’s so sweet that they “provide provisioning” whatever THAT means, but I’m completely capable of stopping in Starfish or Dolphin market for a little grocery shopping before heading to my villa in the rental car that I, all by myself, filled out the paper work for. I wonder if they tuck you in at night as well?

    • I totally agree BeachBum. The first 15 years I went to STJ I stayed at Cinnamon Bay Campsites. As a single Mom that was what I could afford. And can you believe it? We actually did everything ourselves – haul our luggage down to the cabins, buy “provisions” make our beds, wash our dishes, etc,etc. We also did swimming, hiking snorkeling, etc. It all became part of the CBC routine. And guess what? We LOVED IT! My kids, now grown talk about following the “tradition” with their own kids.
      But there ARE people out there for whom vacation means sitting around doing nothing but snapping their fingers and who don’t want to “waste time” dealing with the local folk.
      I guess for them Blue Sky is a good service.

  5. Why the hate Beach Bum? It comes across as sour grapes. Better luck next life. As for Blue Sky, Shanna works super hard and does a terrific job. Some people don’t want to waste their precious vacation time standing in line at Starfish, or scour the multitude of charter boats offering day sails on the internet trying to figure out which one is best for them. Most hotels offer concierge services, but a large segment of John’s vacation rental market is villa rentals. A private concierge really fills a niche here, for vacationers who don’t really know the area but still want to experience the best of what St John has to offer. Shanna will go above and beyond to ensure her clients receive the experience they desire. Keep up the great work Shanna!

  6. Dave, no hate at all in my opinions and feelings on this topic. I’m just one of those guys that don’t rely on others to do things I can easily do for myself. I don’t mind standing in line at Starfish for 5 or 10 minutes while I engage in conversation with those around me. You should try it sometime. You’d be amazed at the interesting people you meet. As far as your comment “Better luck next life”……I just had to chuckle at that one. I’m only 56, fully retired with a great pension, have a beautiful (inside and out) wife, 2 great kids, all grown up and successful, soon to be a Grandpa, take a trip about once a month…..shall I go on? Buddy, I wouldn’t trade my life with anyone! I’m very happy and fortunate. Lastly, I wish Shanna all the luck in the world. I hope she’s happy and makes a ton of money. Her business just isn’t my cup of tea is all. Peace.

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