Bush Tea cures it all

Victor Hall has a small store called The Kite in Coral Bay.  He sells soft drinks, CDs and t-shirts … and healthy advice, according top Susan Connair, the Coral Bay essayist for the St. John Sun Times.

“Victor’s knowledge of local bush remedies is well know,” she wrote. “From mosquito bites to toothaches, allergies and even arthritis, he is the man.” And she is a believer. 

The day she talked with Hall, at his spot across from the old Pickles in Coral Bay, on the road to Salt Pond, Connair had developed a swelling probably caused by an allergy.  “Victor produced a bottle of bush tea, told me I might find it bitter, but to drink it all.”  She did, and a few hours later the swelling was gone.  “Nothing less than magic,” she said.

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  1. Victor is that you? I worked for you 1989, on the hill? paul was a frequent visitor then… I am from Nebraska…… if I am wrong please excuse and forgive if not plz reply god bless and I pray you are thriving!!!! [email protected]

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