Build Your Dream Home in Paradise

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How many of you have dreamed about building your dream home on St. John? If this sounds like you, you may want to check out this nice piece of land that recently hit the market.

Presented by 340 Real Estate Co., this .537-acre parcel is described as a “must see.” Located in Upper Carolina, it has beautiful panoramic water views of Coral Bay harbor and beyond. It has easy road access and is a desirable downhill build parcel. It also comes with deeded access to Johnson Bay. Topography is available.

This parcel is listed for $149,000.

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4 thoughts on “Build Your Dream Home in Paradise”

  1. I believe I have a better chance buying existing.
    Deals do occasionally come along.
    If I bought the land; I would have to build a prefab or one of those bamboo houses–what would happen in a hurricane?
    I believe Serendip will eventually go to owner occupied or their rules will allow same. Owned there for 11 years and could live there.
    A retired teacher.

  2. Could someone explain to me what the deeded access to Johnson’s Bay truly gets you? I’ve seen this in several listings for that area, but not entirely sure what that really means.

  3. Bryan, it means that the association owns the parcel of land that allows land access to the beach. You, as an owner of land within the association, will always have legal access to the beach over the association’s parcel as it is recovered by the associations deed. Hence, “deeded rights.” BTW, there are currently several 1/2 acre lots priced more competitively in Upper Carolina.

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