Brewers’ pub is hopping at Mongoose

Brewers' pub is hopping at Mongoose 1The two guys who decided to give St. John its own beer have now also
opened the island’s first beer bar. Chirag Vyas and Kevin Chipman’s Tap
features their Virgin Islands Pale Ale.  “Brew small scale and
serve it in atmosphere,” is their plan, according to an article in the
St. John Sun-Times.  The duo does serve other beers, as well as wine; but
no liquor or food.  Tourists are invited to come up have a beer while
their spouses shop on the ground level at Mongoose. Vyas and Chipman
began selling their beer on their own, door to door, but have since be
able to secure a distribution deal with the territory’s major spirits
vendor, West Indies Corporation.  The Tap Room also has free wi-fi.

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