Brangelina at Caneel, 2.0

The New York Post’s Page Six adds spice to the story:

"Spies at Caneel
… tell the New York Post that Brad and Angie have been living large
with their kids and nannies in a five-bedroom, $8,000-a-night beach
front villa.
(One report says it used to be Laurance Rockefeller’s home.)

"They showed up with 97 pieces of luggage … have been seen having candlelit dinners on their veranda.

"Rumor has it – real estate alert!!! – Brangelina is considering
investing in a number of properties in the area owned by Donald Trump."

Trump?  Trump!  Who’s ever heard of Trump on St. John?  Anyone??

Another source says Brad and Angelina had dinner in Cruz Bay at Zozo’s.

Gotta admire their taste.

2 thoughts on “Brangelina at Caneel, 2.0”

  1. This little bit of gossip about Brad and Angie was also on Page 27 of the New York Daily News Jannuary 5th edition. And there is even a quote from John Ferrigno ZoZo’s owner!

  2. I’ve stayed at Caneel and I’m not aware of any 5 BR. Cottage 7 is listed as being Rockefeller’s but not as 5BR. Either the spies are blind or NY Post doesn’t do homework – even Caneel’s website doesn’t have anything that’s 8k a night!

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