Bond issue to finance Cruz Bay Park ‘revitalization’

The Governor signed Senate-approved legislation to proceed with a bond issue totaling $87 million. 

John de Jongh characterizes the spending as a stimulus program for the islands to create jobs. He said the money will fund “a myriad of critically-needed infrastructure projects throughout the territory.”

St. John’s slices of the bond issue total $6.5 million amounting to 7.5% of the pie.

  • $800K to repair Kings Hill Road in Coral Bay
  • $3.2 million for land acquisition (maybe for the new school?)
  • $200K for Planning and Natural Resources to develop a fish market   
  • $250K to renovate the St. John Recreation Center
  • $2 million for parking, reportedly at the Enighed Pond commercial dock
  • $200K to “revitalize” Franklin Powell Park, in Cruz Bay at the ferry dock)

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