The best St. John Trip Report ever

Shelley Forums at Virgin-Islands-On-Line and VI Now are terrific resources for visitors.  But they’re after the fact, past tense.  So, when you read them you don’t get a sense of “Being There” because it all happened some time ago.

Shelley McLennan’s online report is not like that, at all. She’s “live blogging” her family’s vacation, right now.

I became acquainted with Shelley and her husband Rob last fall.  They were staying at Blue Tang when there was a hurricane scare, and they spent a night at the Westin.

Well they’re back at Blue Tang again, and she's brought along her DSLR, an awful lot of energy and sense of adventure.  It's all there online  for us to “read along.” Shelley and the family are going from one end of the island to the other every day, with side trips to other islands like Jost.

She's got great shots of Cinnamon and Trunk bays, plantation ruins, Coral Bay, the Soggy Dollar and more. If it’s cold or rainy or gray where you are, click onto Adventures from an … Island Girl at http://islandgirl.typepad.com/stjohnusvi/

It’s a mini-vacation by itself.

14 thoughts on “The best St. John Trip Report ever”

  1. That was wonderful!! Thanks for sharing. What camera do you use and what program did you use to document your trip. You made me so ready to go back.

  2. Ah, man! Now I really want to go! It’s been 12 years since my last St. John visit- I’m well overdue. Thanks Islandgirl for taking me back to my own wonderful memories. Great blog. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  3. Thanks for the comments and thanks Frank for putting my blog out there! For those that asked i am using the Nikon D700 with 3 different lenses. And i use typepad to document my trip! I am glad my blog has brought back memories for some and a reminder of why we all want to return to the island!

  4. Thank you for sharing your trip. My wife and I are die hard St John fans. Tickets are cheap now, need my Virgin Island fix, its time!!

  5. You are fabulous Shelley! Those pictures capture everything my husband and I have experienced on the island. We are going back soon. Thank you ro sharing and taking those wonderful pictures

  6. Shelly – thanks for sharing your wonderful photos! They make me even more excited…it’s 55 more days until our return visit – not that I’m counting down or anything:) Can’t wait to get back to my favorite place.

  7. Fantastic ! Thanks for taking me on your journey on the beautiful island of STJ ! your time, & hard work is greatly appreciated ! Those Dolphins ! WOW !! just wonderful !! thanks 🙂 Joe & Rachelle

  8. What a fun way of sharing the chronicles of her vacation trip, especially when the place wasn’t even visited by the blog viewer before. It also made me remember the first time me and my family went to a casino resort, it was a totally different experience, since can play blackjack while my wife and kids are doing some fun activities somewhere else. But after a fun day playing, we had our buffet dinner to end the day with a smile on our faces.

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