Blue Guitar Anchored Off of Lindt Point

blue guitar
Image credit: Cruz Bay Watersports

We know how much you all love reading about the amazing boats that sail through our waters, and this one is no exception.

Blue Guitar is currently anchored just off of Lindt Point. Anyone know who the owner is? Well the last we heard it is none other than Eric Clapton – pretty cool if you ask us. Blue Guitar typically cruises through our water around this time of year. In fact, she was seen here last January too.

Blue Guitar is a 103-foot motor yacht. It can carry up to seven guests and five crew. In the world of luxury yachts, it’s pretty modest but we think it’s pretty sweet, especially its teak deck.

For those of you who like to track vessels around St. John, Blue Guitar does not appear to have its AIS transponder on; therefore it cannot be tracked.

6 thoughts on “Blue Guitar Anchored Off of Lindt Point”

  1. Every year when this yacht appears, people claim it’s Eric Clapton’s. As far as I can tell this is based solely on the name of the boat. I have found no credible evidence on the internet that it belongs to him; just lots of people assuming it does, again based solely on the name. I’m unaware that anyone has ever actually seen Clapton on the yacht or on land when the yacht is in the area. In addition, it is well known that Clapton owns another yacht, Va Bene.

    It would be great if Clapton did come here every year on his private yacht and I would love for somebody to prove me wrong on this. But frankly i see no reason to believe that’s Clapton’s yacht.

    • Mark’s right, and the blues dude should know. A rumor for a long, long time. We were sailing to wind on the way to current cut one day and they came up behind and alongside. I yelled and asked the question, the guy on deck shook his head “no.” Same question was asked when they were alongside the bulkhead downtown about 6 years ago. NOW, back around 1999 Clapton WAS at Sunset Cantina in Gregoire Channel for mexican.

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