Blues Festival ’09 – a Night to Remember

Shapeimage_2Four outstanding bands and singers rocked the Coral Bay ball field and the
island of St. John last weekend.

The 7th annual St. John Blues Festival, co-sponsored by Johnnie Walker and produced by island musical genius Steve Simon, drew hundreds to Coral Bay for a concert, as well as more people to Cruz Bay during the week as musicians performed at restaurants and bars.

Each year, Simon's efforts bring more musicians to St. John, amping up the entertainment.  And, for him, there is no rest.  The day after the festival's climax concert in Coral Bay, Simon and some of the musicians were Middle East-bound for another Bluzapalooza tour, including a sold out appearance in Cairo.

But just as the Festival gets better every year, so too does the 'reporting' by Steve Simonsen, the world class photographer.  His festival web site this year includes audio clips from the musicians' recordings and marvelous photo slide shows of each performance.  There must be hundreds of great shots.  See them here.

Festival Web site: http://www.stjohnbluesfestival.com/bf/blueshome.htm

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