Birds (or yachts) of a feather, flock together

While Mark Cuban’s yacht bobbed on the waters off Cruz Bay, David Geffen’s Rising Sun put in at East End at Hansen Bay.  Wikipedia says the 453-footer is the 10th largest yacht in the world. (A bit more than 50% larger than Cuban’s.)

East End’s Sloop Jones, the world famous artist/clothing designer snapped this picture and sent it to the Inquiring Iguana. Jones said, somehow it just snuck up on him, and when he glanced up he saw it and thought it might be “an alien invasion.” Some might see it as that.

Feratures of Rising Sun:

    Source: Wikipedia

8 thoughts on “Birds (or yachts) of a feather, flock together”

  1. Not surprised, USVIs are easy stopover. Hopefully Mark Cuban won’t stop in…he is one of the nastiest, rudest people I have ever encountered.

  2. “And the reason congressional Republicans let these cuts (Sequester) go into effect is because they simply wouldn’t support closing tax loopholes for millionaires and billionaires — for things like yachts and corporate jets. I wish I were kidding.”
    from obama.org

  3. Hey Lee – Gee who was renting that thing? “Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney were spotted on St. John last week. The two were reportedly cruising the area aboard David Geffen’s 453-foot motor yacht Rising Sun.” Obama buddies….

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