Bikini’s on the Beach at Honeymoon Announces Permanent Closure

Bikini’s on the Beach at Honeymoon Announces Permanent Closure

Good Morning All!  I don’t have much info on this topic because I have not yet received a response to a request for further comment.  But, I have received SO many messages about this topic that I felt I should share the news with you all….The services on the beach at Honeymoon will officially not be re-opening with VI Eco Tours leading the the operations.

In January, the beachfront bar and restaurant announced an abrupt and, seemingly, temporary closure due to maintenance and repairs.

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But, yesterday, a post went up on the Bikini’s on the Beach at Honeymoon Facebook page, announcing that they would not, in fact, be re-opening at the beach that is technically a part of the Caneel Bay property (leased from VI National Park).

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Thank you for your patience this past season. We were sad to have to close the beach + beach bar back in January, and will unfortunately not be reopening it as it was before, with the Virgin Islands Ecotours team at the helm. Caneel Bay Resort has different plans for their long-term development, so we will be moving onward. – Bikini’s on the Beach at Honeymoon Facebook Post – 8/5/2022
Now, I’m not exactly sure what the part about Caneel means….It’s been my understanding that “long-term” and Caneel Bay certainly are not synonymous these days.  The future of the resort is still very much wrapped up in legal red tape on both the Federal level and local level (read the most current update here) with a potential expiration date for the current management team in September of 2023 (thirteen months).  So, unless there is something that hasn’t hit the presses yet, that statement bewilders me a bit.  But, I am not behind the scenes and, without a response for comment, can’t speak to the meaning behind it.  This particular query is simply to squash the multitude of comments and questions about Caneel that, I’m sure, will follow.  So, I’m simply saying that I’m as confused as all of you and I don’t have the answers at present 🙂
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May 2021
So, that’s all I have for you in regards to the closing of the services at Honeymoon Beach.  The beach itself is still open to boaters and hikers in its previous state without any additional services.
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November 2017
You cannot hike to the remote beach from Caneel Bay as the property is still closed to the public.  But you can easily access both Solomon and Honeymoon on foot via the Lind Point Trail which is accessible via the stairs behind the National Park Visitor Center in Cruz Bay.  The hike in is about 20 minutes and without any major inclines.  But the terrain is rocky…So footwear other than flip flops is recommended.  Also, bring plenty of water…It’s getting hot out there guys and gals!  If someone in your party is timid about the hike or not very mobile, you can also access the beach by boat.  Rent a dinghy, Zodiac or Whaler from Wharfside Watersports or Ocean Runner and explore the day away, making a stop at Honeymoon and any other beach of your choosing!
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Sorry for sharing the not-so-great news today gang.  I know a lot of you have been asking for months about this topic and I only just received the answer myself.  I DO have a ton of really great updates for you all next week though!  So, thanks for following along and have a wonderful weekend…Where ever you are in the world 🙂

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  1. In past years before you had to go through Caneel and pay for a golf cart ride to the beach, we were able to get to Honeymoon via someone with an inflatable motorized boat that picked you up in front of High Tide and went back and forth with passengers. That was very quick and convenient for us. Do you see transportation such as that returning?

  2. St.John had such beautiful, quiet and pristine beaches. I started coming in 2000 before the tourism boom hit. We were married on St. John and it has been disappointing to see all the activity such as bars, pop up stands and restaurants, music etc. invading the beaches so as to ruin the peace and tranquility for others. I pray the permits and ordinances now be enforced so generations of us who knew St. John years ago as a peaceful and quiet destination, can return and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the Island.

  3. “Rent a dinghy, Zodiac or Whaler from Wharfside Watersports or Ocean Runner and explore the day away, making a stop at Honeymoon and any other beach of your choosing!”

    Wait. You can stop at ANY beach?? I thought there were restrictions…

    • They have to have a dinghy channel – Look for the green and red buoys and access the beach in between them via dinghy. You can also tie up to closer in mooring balls and swim in. Be sure to stay out of the swim zones (marked with orange and white buoys) in a motorized vehicle 🙂

  4. If you have ANY questions about the beaches and access along with rules and regulations, you can stop in the National Park Visitors Center in Cruz Bay. Then you’ll know for sure you have the facts and can enjoy yourself freely.

  5. 100% agree with some of these posts. Honeymoon was our favorite beach for years and walking down from Estate Lindholm in Dec 2020, we were shocked at what it had become. This is extremely good news from our standpoint.

  6. Good riddance! So happy to have Honeymoon Beach back. The commercial development was a black eye to this beautiful place.

  7. She did a great job on Honeymoon when it was a simple operation for chairs, drinks etc.
    Too bad she kept expanding and was shut down.
    It would be nice if the National Park would allow a vendor to place a simple operation like Hendo’s on Jost at a few beaches. If done right we’d never have to endure the BVI scam again.

  8. Off the topic here. My husband and I are septuagenarians. Have been coming to St J for 15+ years. We stay on southeast end past Coral Bay. We usually hike, beach, eat, repeat for a couple of weeks. This winter we’d like to take a guided boat ride or tour from that end of island. Any suggestions?
    [email protected]

  9. I for one will miss it. We typically only rented a lounger and would hang out there under the trees and in the water for hours, occasionally buying a cold drink and a snack. I never thought it was unduly crowded or noisy, particularly if you got there early. Oh well.

    • I’m not 100% sure that the parking lot at the top is currently open right now. There is some NPS construction going on up there. Different story for a different time though 🙂

  10. St John overall doesn’t look the same. Grateful for abundant tourism. However I must say the the condition of the water, its vibrant colors don’t look the same. Maybe it’s my eyesight, idk.

  11. So happy to hear that Honeymoon has returned to peace and quiet…used to jog over there from Caneel a run on the beach…was my go-to place everytime we stayed at Caneel. There are plenty of other beach options with services so Bikinis won’t be missed! A little disconcerting to learn that Caneel has “different plans”…but typical of Caneel owner’s communication lately, no one knows what the plans might be.

  12. I am SO glad to hear the commercial presence is leaving Honeymoon. We have been visiting ST John for the last 25 years and the condition of Honeymoon last October 2021 was sad. Your article was good news!!

  13. I agree with what appears to be the majority opinion. I have been going to St. John off and on since ’95. It was nice to make the effort to hike down to Honeymoon and be rewarded with an uncrowded beach. I believe the ability to have this far outweighs any amenities that were available from Bikinis.

  14. We have been coming down here since 1997 for the peace and quiet, and the beauty of the beaches of St. John,and Honeymoon beach. When we came down in July of 2020 we were just aghast at all the loud music and party boats. The beach looked like Ft. Lauderdale during Spring Break. Good riddance to Bikinis. Honeymoon beach is almost back to pre-bikini days, and that is a good thing.

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