Big change for 8 Tuff Miles

Peter Alter
wants to expand next year's 8 Tuff Miles by 50 percent.

No, the race founder and organizer is not suggesting the race should be 12 miles. Rather he wants to increase the number of runners/joggers/funsters to 1,500.

This year's race was the biggest ever with 1,000 registrants.

"Is it too soon for this?,"Alter asked on the race's Facebook page. He'd like your commen ts there.

"I have applied for a permit to allow 1,500 entries for the next race. This idea will solve problems and create new ones but we have 300 days to figure all of that out."

Registration for the 18th annual 8 Tuff Miles Race begins December 1st at the Tap Room on St. John and the Caribbean Surf Company on St. Thomas. Online registration plans will be announced.

The first tune up race is January 14th, 2013.  The race date is Feb. 25th.


3 thoughts on “Big change for 8 Tuff Miles”

  1. If you can get 1500 tourists on the island great, that is the answer; for community people the ‘drop out’ rate in registering and/or finishing with be huge. I am not a believer in “second place is the first loser”; however, 12 will push the recreational participants out.

  2. Gary, they are not suggesting making the race 12 miles. They are only suggesting a 50% increase in participants.
    I say go for it. What’s the downside?

  3. Totally, misread that article, somehow I came up with a combo increase ‘distance & participants’. Dr said to knock off 10AM happy hours! GO FOR it..really like to read where all particpants come from…a great event and enjoyed by everybody. Cheers from the British gin clear waters of AXA!

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