Better photos = better memories

Someone pointed out to me that he tends to remember those parts of his life most clearly that were recorded in a photograph.  Not only is a picture worth a thousand words, it's also worth memories. 

And so I'm always on the lookout for tips to help me take better images.  At the moment, I'm taking a weeklong class in Maine at 
Unnamed  The Workshops in an immersive effort to improve my work.

In the meantime, Macworld contributor Ben Long just published some tips that I found useful and maybe you will, too.


  • Get Closer.  Always the number one tip.  I should put this on a Post It note on my viewfinder.  "Less IS more," Long says/.
  • Watch out for backlighting.  especially in sunsets.
  • Edit ruthlessly.  When you come back with 200 images for the day, remember no one but you can see the difference between the 3rd picture of the guy on beach and the 15th.  Not even the guy will care.  Again, less is more …  be selective … don't bore the audience.  Find 'the best', show the best.
  • Leave your camera at home one day.  (I love this idea.) "While you may get nervous when you see some sort of "once-in-a-lifetime" photo, don't worry about it. The fact is, similar opportunities will come along again, and you'll have a more meaningful experience if you pay attention to where you are, as much as you try to capture where you are," Long writes.

Read all his suggestions here.

3 thoughts on “Better photos = better memories”

  1. when you are on STJ, I recommend taking a lesson from Steve Simonsen. My wife bought me a one-on-one session with the master of Caribbean photography and I learned alot very quickly, even though I’m an experienced photographer!

  2. So true about leaving the camera home once in a while, sometimes I force myself to remember to LIVE the day rather than spending the whole time trying to capture/record it.

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