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Restaurant Real simple.  Use the Comments link below to nominate your St. John favorite.  The winners will get free ads on News of St. John, and we’ll do interviews with the owners. 

Tell us your picks for post-beach limin’, best meal value, and most fun place.

The voting so far:

  • Woody’s and Beach Bar
  • Island Blues
  • Pastory Gardens
  • Tamarind Court
  • Uncle Joe’s
  • ZoZo’s
  • Tage
  • Sunday Brunch at Caneel
  • Rhumb Lines
  • Lime Inn 2
  • Fish Trap
  • Morgan’s Mango


48 thoughts on “Vote for the best bar and restaurant”

  1. Love the Lime Inn–especially when Inner Visions is playing across the road at Fred’s. Best Meal–Sushi night at Tamarind Court. Best Light Bite–The Tuna roll at the Beach Bar!!

  2. Lime Inn – hands down favorite restaurant – Fish Trap a very close second. Beach Bar in Cruz Bay and Island Blues in Coral Bay – gotta have a “best bar” on each end of the island!

  3. When I’m on St. John it is Woody’s for a quick drink and a Conch Fritter, Tamarind for Greek night, Uncle Joe’s for carry out and ZoZo’s for a great meal out with the one you love.

  4. When I’m on St. John it is Woody’s for a quick drink and a Conch Fritter, Tamarind for Greek night, Uncle Joe’s for carry out and ZoZo’s for a great meal out with the one you love.

  5. Feast in the East: Island Blues (Best burgers in the Caribbean!) Best in the West:
    Sun Dog Cafe (Great food, great staff!) So vote the Snorkel Dorks of Alexandria, Virginia.

  6. The Beach Bar any time.
    Sunday brunch at Miss Lucy’s.
    Panini Beach for casual but excellent dining.
    The Stone Terrace for an exquisite evening.

  7. Beach Bar is the best for after beach, light meals and for after dinner relaxing. Good people and good music. Best dinner value is Lime Inn. Great food, drinks and people.

  8. Woody’s, without a doubt –
    Uncle Joe’s for a great meal under $10 bucks – and such atmosphere –
    special place – bordeaux mountain.

  9. Tage, Ted is the best and it is simply the best food I’ve ever had.
    Deli Grotto (where the old Mongoose Deli was). The place had a face lift and the new owners know how to please the masses with their flexible menu. Breakfast, Lunch, Soup, take to the beach foods, smoothies, the place rocks! It is much needed addition to the island and the prices are good to boot!

  10. I have a home in Coral Bay and have been coming to St. John for 13 years and I cant beleive there is a better bar than Skinny Legs, as I have been to them all. Also I agree that Tage and then ZoZos have the best food on island with Zozos way ahead on drinks.

  11. i just returned from a trip to st,john where i have been going for years and i must say that aqua bistro restaurant and bar gets my vote it might be a new place but it is right on the water in coral bay the happy hour was great the food was great the cool breezes were great just an all-round great place to hang out

  12. I have to agree with Sam E., I too just returned from 2 glorious weeks on St. John-Coral Bay-Calabash Boom and we thought the Aqua Bistro was great! It was our afternoon stop (happy hour) everyday on our way home after a day at the beach and we had several very good meals there! Perfect location!
    We also loved Skinny Legs…the best burgers on the island! Miss Lucy’s Breakfast Jazz Brunch and Island Blues and their quesadilla of the day!
    Coral Bay is the undiscovered treasure of St. John. Hopefully it stays that way.
    The people who live and visit Coral Bay are a different breed than those who need the frentic pace of Cruz Bay. We spent one afternoon there and couldn’t wait to leave!

  13. Tage!
    Tage is the best reason I can think of to go to Cruz Bay! Fabulous food, excellent service and a great wine list. The scallops are truly amazing. (So disappointed that Chateau Bordeaux was closed this trip – had had several outstanding meals there the last trip. Hope it reopened as scheduled.)
    Also in Cruz Bay – for lunch Banana Deck (conch fritters) and the new place in Mongoose Junction (can’t remember the name – a pub?) – seating outdoors and a wonderful lobster pizza!
    In Coral Bay Miss Lucy’s never disappoints and Sweet Plantains is also excellent – those beef short ribs – wow! Have to admit that lunch at Caneel Bay was also darned good – what they do with a meatloaf sandwich!
    Best bars? We stay in Coral Bay so our votes would go to Aqua Bistro and Island Blues.

  14. Lime Inn our favorite restaurant with Fish Trap second – Best bars – Island Blues and Beach Bar – Skinny Legs best burgers and Vie’s for conch fritters and icey cold beers!

  15. Woody’s for Happy Hour, Joes Rum Hut for Pre Dinner, ZOZO’s for a Great Dinner aand Infusions for a Martini Night Cap and then to the Beaches the next day to Prepare again! Best Bars and Food Anywhere!

  16. I know they don’t usually serve dinner, but “Sun Dog” gets my vote for places to eat. Best bar, the drinks at “Margarita Phil’s are the real thing!

  17. We’ve been coming to St. John for 5 years. Infusions is a great spot for a preprandial cocktail or an end of the evening nightcap. We like Paradisus or The Lime Inn for dinner.

  18. Can’t miss when R.J.’s pouring at the Lime Inn – good drinks, with great conversation.
    Stone Terrace gets the nod for a celebratory meal, while Phil gets thumbs up for his crab nachos.

  19. Good day,
    I have been going to the rock for the past 12 years. i own properties on the rock (St John). To pick a favorite restaurant is difficult, they all go thru phases. Some of my local favorites to dine include High Tides, Woody’s (take out), Uncle Joes, Miss Lucies, Cafe Roma, Beach Bar getting plastered, the lunch place at Mongrose by the cigar shop, the mexican place at the lumber yard, and Shipwreck. I would include ZoZo but the management of Gallo won’t allow children in the restaurant.
    The best bar tender is definitely Michele and I was the costar in her flick.
    The best for water sports is Neil and the flying Circus. If u want to go sailing, so be it, it u want to go snorkeling or fishing so be it, Neil has no preferences. He just wants you to have a good safe time on you holiday. He also knows the best snorkeling sites. Ocean runners, there the best, Pete is really cool. Car rental, my buddy Mr. O’Connor.
    Beautiful people St. John Spice shop, top floor, the first bldg when u get off the cattle boat (barge). We use the water taxi, it is far more human. Coconut Studio for art work, tell Elaine Tony’s say hello. Don’t forget Mr. Slimman. He has a really cool hat. AN ALWAYS REMEMBER, BECAUSE IT IS SUCH A COOL CUSTOM, GOOD MORNING, GOOD AFTERNOON, GOOD EVENING OR JUST PLAIN GOOD DAY. St john is such a beautiful place. My favorite beach, in which I own a piece of the Rock, Francis Bay. It’s time to get back to work in sunny NJ, 18th degrees and snow flakes. It’s all about being an island boy. Good day and God Bless

  20. Ted Robinson is the best unknown chef. Period!I’ve known him for years and I’m sure Tage is top notch. Ted wouldn’t do it any other way.
    The Anthony Romano

  21. Well, woody’s is the best happy hour bar, but at night…go to the quiet mon pub. they have the best prices and the coolest staff. plus, it’s just the best bar, BY FAR, on the island of st. john. so cool, in fact, kenny chesney wrote a song about the place…be as you are.

  22. Had the best time ever on St John. My favorites were: Zozo’s for a nice sit-down, Woody’s for a wild Happy Hour, Larry’s Landing for local color (a pour-your-own dive bar), The Quiet Mon Pub for late nite viewing and The Lime Inn for everything else. Had dinner there three times. My husband and I were enamoured with the host, a young state-sider named RJ. The casual family-friendly atmosphere was nice and relaxed. Though, it does get busy- so belly upto the Ficus Bar for a cocktail while you wait. And tell RJ that you are a Red Sox fan, that might help… And most of all, enjoy this amazing island. Laurie and Tim

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