Best things to do on St. John

A person on the TripAdvisor forum inquired about the 10 best things to do on the island.  More than a dozen people responded with many more than 10 things. 

Predictably, there are a lot of recommendations for drinking and eating and beaching.  But when it came down to asking for suggestions, St. John veterans were  recommending specific drinks and menu items and activities,  Quite a few also for a trip to the BVIs, although at least one person said there's enough to do on St. John, period – a BVI visit might best be done on a second trip.


  •     Blue Burger at Skinny's
  •     Dining at the  bar at Zozo's (make a reservation!)
  •     Vie's for garlic chicken and conch fritters
  •     Deli Grotto for sandwiches
  •     Lobster Roll at the Tourist Trap
  •     Have Ted's Suppler Club cater a meal to your villa
  •     Fish and chips at Shipwreck Landing
  •     Caesar Salad with Blackened Mahi at Banana Deck   


  •     Gibney Beach
  •     Cinnamon Bay
  •     Hawksnest
  •     Maho


  •     All the beers at St. John Brewers (Mongoose Junction)
  •     Bushwhackers at the Beach Bar
  •     Drink Right, Keep Left at the Tourist Trap (Coral Bay)


  •     Live music at the Beach Bar
  •     Open Mic night at Sun Dog Cafe


  •     Reef Bay Trail
  •     Ram Head, snorkeling at Blue Cobblestone
  •     Leinster Bay, and snorkel Watermelon Cay
  •     Look for seaglass at Lameshur, then snorkel

22 thoughts on “Best things to do on St. John”

  1. I know Trunk Bay gets a lot of publicity, but how can this beautiful beach be left off the list? The only time it’s not so great is when the cruise ship crowds show up….Francis bay could be added too!

  2. I agree that Francis bay beach should be added but I prefer Lameshur over Trunk. It is much less visited and crowded at any given time than trunk Bay.

  3. There should be a category just for snorkeling and I would say Lameshur, Brown Bay (with a nice hike), Waterlemon Cay, and Francis Bay 🙂

  4. My soon to be husband and I are coming to St John for our HoneyMoon and staying at The Westin Resort. Has anyone stayed there? Also we are wondering what people LOVED the most to do, and what they least liked. What restaurants were the best? Please give me the down low on St John. Thanks!!!!

  5. Art, I understand your sentiment however I disagree. Trunk has a stunning overlook but is no more beautiful on the beach than Cinnamon only Cinnamon is free and the Coral around the Cay isn’t trampled down to a sad graveyard.

  6. For dining, no one mentioned Aqua Bistro in Coral Bay. MJ is flat out the best chef on the island! I recommend it above all other places on St. John.

  7. Good points you make, can’t disagree, but leaving Trunk off the list altogether seems odd to me, the water is calmer, and makes swimming easier, and the cost to get there with a family pass is minimal, and helps keep the park in good shape.

  8. Trunk Bay in the late afternoon when most of the crowd has left is a must and it is criminal to leave Francis Bay off the list.
    5 o’clock cocktails at Aqua Bistro bar
    Dinner outside at Sweet Plantains and Sputniks

  9. I agree with Wison Roberts re: MJ at Aqua Bistro. His Friday night special Tuna Ponzu is unquestionably the best meal I’ve had on STJ.

  10. GREAT list but you mustn’t leave out Skinny Legs for their Bushwhackers…they don’t use a blender and boy do they kick your butt a lot quicker than the blended version. Also it’s worth the trip to visit Miss Lucy’s. We were there in December for the 4th time and had never been there…3 of 4 of us had their grouper sandwich and it was Wonderful.

  11. Any beach on St. J is better than any beach anywhere else in the U.S. or territories. Water clearer, cleaner and warmer. Good for the body and good for the soul. I wish Kenny would move at least one back to Nashville, we miss all of them.

  12. We have been coming to St. John since 1988 – own or owned 2 places. We agree with the list – add side trip on Reef Bay to the Petroglyphs. Also add a category – water sports – try sea Kayaking to Whistlers Cay.

  13. Trunk gets my vote,too. A picture of it brightens my life. Miami Beach north of 88th st is not crowded. Above 94th, it’s often deserted. Ocean Rescue says the Gulf Oil Spill is still causing our beaches problems.

  14. Don’t forget about the yummy lunches at Sam and Jack’s! The Uncle Peep is the bomb! Lasagna, eggplant parm, Rock Shimp Salad, Stromboli(!) – yes, real, house made Stromboli!, the pulled pork sandwich, and everything that comes out of that kitchen is delicious! And you can take it to beach! Francis is my favorite 🙂

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