Best places to buy booze on St. John

BeerVeteran island visitors and locals agree there are three places where you will get the best deals on liquor.

The first is right there at the airport in Charlotte Amalie.  While some think its business really is duty-free purchases for folks to take home, a number of people make it their place to stock up for their week on St. John.  The shop is a small one, inside the airport near the baggage belts.  

In a post on Virgin-Islands-On-Line.com, Tuxedocat said, "We often buy there … offers a very good selection of all kinds of liquors. The prices are about the same as elsewhere on the islands."

Also getting a thumbs up for liquor purchases on St. Thomas, is Cost U Less, a warehouse discount store. Huge selection, good prices.  But only stop there if you've rented a car to come across to St. John. The taxis from the airport are not going to drop you off and wait while you do shopping.  

Of course, Cost U Less is also a great place to do lots of other  shopping for groceries before you ride the car barge across.  Wine prices there are said to be 10-15% less than on St., John.

There's general agreement that Pine Peace Grocery has the least expensive St. John liquor. The store is located in Cruz Bay, at the foot of the newly-resurfaced Jacob's Ladder.

Juice and other mixers re about 15-30% higher than home, but not enough of a difference for you to lug it over," added Tuxedocat.

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