Best kept secret in Coral Bay


The Inquiring Iguana spends a lot of time (Mrs. I.I. says too much time.) looking for something different to do on the island.  Sometimes it takes some tourists to come up with a ‘find’ right in the back yard.

Several recent posts on Yelp and TripAdvisor are pointing to Cases by the Sea, a liquor store featuring low prices, Reggie’s barbecue, and Owen, the “entertaining” and “hilarious” owner.

This is an authentic island bar where the locals and tourists mix, says Owen.  He’s born-and-raised in Coral Bay.  Besides stiff drinks and very cold beer, his menu offers ribs, fish, steak, and BBQ.  

What more do you need?

“If you want to chill and listen to great reggae in a comfortable atmosphere”, this is the place, said one reviewer on TripAdvisor. “This is the only restaurant for local food in Coral Bay," said another. "The price is around $20 but the portion is big enough for two people,” said another.

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