Best Invention Ever?

Best Invention Ever
Lollie from St. John Brewers

Check out this fun little gadget we stumbled on over at St. John Brewers. It’s called a Lil’ Suckers Beer Magnet and it just may be the best invention ever. (We’re easily impressed over at NOSJ. We’re also pretty big nick-nack fans.)

Here’s how it works:

Place a bottle, glass or can into the the ring, stick it to any flat surface and voilà! It sticks!

The folks over at St. John Brewers say it’s great for boating. We here at NOSJ also think it’s great for kids who love to spill their beverages.

Pop over to St. John Brewers or visit their online store here. The Lil’ Suckers Beer Magnet retails for $7.


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