Best Hot Sauce

Jerome’s Hot Sauce
grabbed the gold ring in the St. John Sun Times’ first Sauce-Off among seven local products.  Using a black bean quesadilla as the heart of the test, staffers judged the contestants on the characteristics of heat, complexity, flavor and versatility.

Reading the newspaper’s report of its competition, it seems that heat may have been a big factor. Of Jerome's, it said “This is the only sauce that made us regret our spoonful … tear-jerking sinus-clearing spiciness,” the judges found.

Runner-up Trinidad Charlie’s Pumpkin Sauce “tantalizes the taste buds” with a pumpkin curry melange, the paper found.  Third place went to Miss Anna’s Garlic Habanero sauce which was described as having “hot/sweet flavors of garlic and peppers.”

It’s a safe bet that all the winners, plus the four other sauces in competition, Blind Betty's, Fish Trap Hot sauce, Cheryl’s Caribbean Sunburn, and Pirate’s Gold (”the perfect hot sauce for people who don’t like hot sauce”) can be found on sale at the island’s supermarkets and St. John Spice.

3 thoughts on “Best Hot Sauce”

  1. My vote goes to Trinidad Charlie’s Pumpkin Sauce! And Blind Betty’s Original gets a runner-up vote. You want flavor over pure hottness. Problem is… security will confiscate your bottle of Trinidad Charlie if you try to carry it on… so better put it in your checked bags if you don’t want to see it thrown in the trash.

  2. Steve is correct on the TSA on ST. Thomas. They took our bottles of hot sauce and actually threw them in the trash. Uuuuggghhh. We told the TSA agent to keep them but he couldn’t.

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