Beautiful weather, beautiful ship

0201_windstar_by_day One of the four-masted Windstar luxury cruise sailing ships stayed longer than usual over the weekend, anchored out in Cruz Bay. 

Maybe it was because of the Super Bowl, and the Jazz islanders at the Beach Bar. The ship overnighted here Sunday.

Windstar Caribbean cruises. http://www.windstarcruises.com/caribbean-cruises.asp

I went out on the veranda of Blue Tang for a daytime shot and then, while the game was on last night, went round the neighborhood to take the nighttime shot.  Interestingly, I heard two TV sets going, neither was tuned to the SB.  But the shouts we heard from the Westin Resort indicated that’s where the game was being watched with gusto … the Resort was promoting its Super Bowl Party which boasted of a 25-foot screen.

2 thoughts on “Beautiful weather, beautiful ship”

  1. Meg:
    Thanks so much.
    Ys, the pictures are nice. Easy too … just remember to bring your tripod, and enjoy the view.
    Spent most of this day working on bathroom faucets (Paradise, humbug!).
    I hope you have a great time here.

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