Bears in a Pool? Not on St. John…

bears pool

Today is the first time ever that we’re writing about something that has absolutely nothing to do with St. John. But trust me, I think you’re all going to enjoy it.

When I woke up this morning, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write about. I could have updated you on Hurricane Danny – the tropical storm we wrote about yesterday which has since been updated to a hurricane; however there isn’t too much to report other than it looks like it will probably get here on Monday but will do so as a tropical storm as it’s expected to weaken as it gets closer to us. We thought about mentioning a new business that listed for sale, but we decided to hold off on this until next week. So…

We were perusing our Facebook feed when we came across the cutest video we’ve seen in a long time. Apparently a bear and her five cubs decided to take a dip in a backyard pool in New Jersey. The woman who owns the house took a video of it, and it’s completely adorable. It’s pretty funny too because the little girl who lives at the house is not very thrilled about having to share her pool and backyard toys with the bear family.

Check it out. I promise it will make you smile this morning. (Fast forward to 5:45 if you want to see Mama Bear try to use a float!)

Have a great weekend everyone!

5 thoughts on “Bears in a Pool? Not on St. John…”

  1. I think the little girl is right. That’s one pool that is needing replacement (and I don’t mean just the filthy water)!

  2. LOL,
    Have been going to St John for 11 years and we are from Rockaway, NJ. This took place about 5 streets away from us. The youtube video has gone viral.

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