Beach Bar race a quiet affair

Blame it on the beautiful weather, 85 and sunny.  Or on Saturday being a "turnover day" when people are coming and going and so many Beach Bar-regulars are working to welcome incoming visitors.  Either way, the 6th Annual Minimal Boat Regatta drew minimal participation.

The rules limited race participants to boats build using only one sheet of plywood, two two-by-fours, and 60" of duct tape.  The result … lots of people showed up to watch, but only one team showed up at the 1 p.m. start time to show off their ingenuity and craftsman ship.  Victory was quickly declared, and Regatta T-shirt-clad bartenders went back to serving "Greenies" for $2 each, all day.  The Inquiring Iguana was not shy about taking advantage of the deal, and BB was a great place to wile away the PM.

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