Beach Bar owner says feds had guns drawn

Allan MacPhee said his wake up call that morning was agents from the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives unit barging into his Wharfside Village apartment with guns drawn.  "I’m like ‘Whoa, man, if you’re looking for guns or drugs that’s not my deal,’" he told the Virgin Islands Daily News.

What they were looking for, he believes, was evidence of money laundering.  MacPhee said a couple years ago he bought a truck, and used multiple checks from various accounts to pay for it.  That’s a violation of law.  He told the newspaper,  "I wish I had enough money to launder."  Agents seized the truck, bank, and tax records, his computer and also raided his home in Florida. 

MacPhee told the newspaper, "There were no handcuffs, no arrest and they let me open the restaurant." Now, he’s waiting.

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