Beach Break!  Maho Bay Web Cam

Beach Break! Maho Bay Web Cam

Every once in a while, I check in on YouTube.com for new views of St. John.  There are literally dozens of live web cams positioned around the island from Cruz Bay to the North Shore beaches to mid-island to Coral Bay.  And this particular perspective is one of my personal favorites…

First, notice a little live and in person point of view in support of yesterday’s post…Do you see how many empty mooring balls there are at Maho right now?!?  I can’t remember a time that we pulled into the bay on the boat to find our pick of the litter of parking spots!  And I’m willing to bet the turtles out there are loving it up 🙂  A much deserved break for one of St. John’s busiest bays.

What a day to be at Maho Bay!

If you’re interested in sorting through the different webcam perspectives “live” from St. John, go to YouTube.com and search St. John Virgin Islands Web Cam.  From the Beach Bar to Coral Bay overlooks, there is literally a different backdrop for you to choose from for every day of the week!   Throw it up on your TV or computer as you go about your day for a little positive reinforcement and momentary beach break.  Or, pop in for a sunset view at happy hour 🙂

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