Beach Break: Francis Bay

I’m sure many of you are heading back to work today after having yesterday off, so we figured we would send some good vibes your way. Instead of a traditional story today, we’re going to show you a beautiful beach. Please take about 40 seconds to enjoy a beach break at Francis Bay…


3 thoughts on “Beach Break: Francis Bay”

  1. Francis has always been a favorite, although this year the snorkeling was off a bit. Are the workers done clearing the debris? They were there, along with a large “dumpster”, removing debris with chainsaws daily when we visited several times between 12/4-12/18. Thanks for the video Jenn!

  2. I wonder if there’s a way to make that the screen on my computer that greets me every time. Anyone know. I would be so much more relaxed. Puts everything in perspective doesn’t it? Slow down and listen to the waves and see the sun and sea.

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