Beach Bar Opens New Bar – The Bowery


Now this is exciting!

So last week, we mentioned how The Beach Bar was closing for a few days to do some renovations. Well what we didn’t tell you was that The Beach Bar was preparing to open a brand new bar. We checked it out minutes ago and it is absolutely amazing!

The Bowery will serve up its first drink this evening at 7 p.m., so if you’re on island, be sure to check it out. It has an old school English pub kinda vibe but with a classic twist and a bit of an homage to classic rock. The Bowery is located right behind The Beach Bar in the space that used to house the Water Base clothing store.

The space has been remodeled top to bottom and again, looks absolutely incredible! And it gets better … it’s air conditioned! Woot woot! Check out some pics… We know you’re all going to love it! This is definitely going to be my new favorite spot to hang out and chill (in the air conditioning!) in Cruz Bay!

(We apologize for the grainy quality of the photos – the iPhone 6 did not hold its own tonight.)





Soon there will be a large leather sofa in this space.
Soon there will be a large leather sofa in this space.


What do you all think??!!!

The Bowery will be open seven days a week from about 4-ish on. It will serve the same menu as The Beach Bar for the time being, but it will soon launch its own menu. We’ll keep you posted on that.

30 thoughts on “Beach Bar Opens New Bar – The Bowery”

  1. Looks like a beautiful place, and I wish them the best of luck. But when I go to St. John, I want to put on my shorts and t-shirt and enjoy a beer in the fresh air. This is not my idea of what St. John is all about. But again, I hope they find their audience and are wildly successful!

  2. hi. Looks like they dumped a lot of money into that space. They grabbed a nyc street name and made what looks like a nyc bar/restaurant, not a pub. I know they are from nyc, but it does not fit in Wharfside at all. Just my opinion, I hope they do well, I always wish businesses well. But I’m sorry, it does not fit in at all with St john.

  3. I agree, Linda and Sue. It looks a little too fancy for the laid-back way I like to be when on island. But I wish them the best.

    • I am in agreement with all of these comments as well, not looking to for a classy place in STJ, looking for a free spirited, be as you are kind of place. However, I hope this is a positive business move for them, and it appeals to those who don’t want to go to the island and get completely lost in its native beauty.

  4. Ahhhh, but if you live here year round this is a beautiful sight to see! Well done and congratulations on the beautiful new space.

    • Agree 100% it’s a must have option for locals and expats and a nice option for tourists on a romantic getaway – perhaps the newly engaged, newly weds, hip tourists looking for somewhere to dress up a little a night or two during their stay while they enjoy their fresh tans and the glow they enjoy from relaxing on the beach all day. Best of luck for continued success for the proprietors – I bet it was a huge NYE hit for the island!

  5. i think the place looks fantastic! (love the little marshall stack speaker in the corner… nice touch.) the drink menu, lighting, wood… all real nice. cant wait to read the menu!

    i enjoy a nice dinner when on island and this will be a nice addition to the growing list of epicurean adventures i have enjoyed on this ever transforming island.

    – just please, NO TELEVISIONS! – ‘tv = party killer’. (its in the manual. i checked it out.)

    best of luck and keep ‘the beach bar’ (proper) weird and steamy for me!

    – see you soon!

  6. Please No TVS’s. No TV!!!!!!! And please DRAFT LAGER. I know they will be a major hit. So excited!! I hope we get some good draft beer. Stella Heiniken Harp. Or even any German Britsh or Mexican Lagers. Enough of the craft beer and IPAs. Yuk. Looks beautiful. Bless keep it classy and dump the TV.

  7. I love the look of this new place. I’d love to think it’s a place where you could have a drink AND a conversation. There’s certainly room for a place like this on island! Love The Beach Bar and most of the other watering holes on island, but The Bowery sounds like a great addition and alternative. Will be on island in 19 days and staying for a long time.

  8. I think it’s a great contrast to the Beach Bar and adds another dimension to the character of Cruz Bay. Will absolutely stroll in for a few in January. Seems like a great place to cozy up on a rainy day!

  9. It is a win win for all! Tourists can enjoy the Beach Bar and all of its local tropical flavor. We that live down here can escape to a NYC pub for a couple hours. I hope they serve NYC Irish Pub Food !! Stew, Shepherds Pie, French Onion Soup, Bangers and Mash, Corned Beef on Rye, etc etc. All the locals I have spoken to are excited!!

  10. St. John, like anywhere else, needs some diversity in order to keep it appealing. Sometimes, after a week of living in flip-flops and drinking sugary frozen blender drinks, you just want to be able to go to a nice place, wear proper shoes, have a crafted cocktail before a fancy dinner, in AC, without having to brush elbows with a crackhead trying to bum a cigarette. While these types of places might be the norm stateside, they are not in St. John, and even while you are on vacation from such a place, it’s not a bad thing to have it available if you get in that mood. This type of place has a niche here, just like the Tap Room has a niche, and I hope they can make it work. (I also agree that TVs should be verboten)

  11. Wow, looks great, congrats to Joe and Karina! Wishing them luck and I feel this is a great addition to St. John and fits a nice niche here. Can’t wait to stop by.

  12. This looks incredible! Congrats to Joe and Karina! The haters can sit outside and sweat while the rest of us are enjoying the air conditioning.

  13. I’m happy the locals like it and understand the need for diversity. However, as regular visitors for the last 15 years we always look forward to the open bar, the view, and the fun at the former Beach Bar. Best of luck. We will check it out in a few weeks. Not sure we’ll like it but will certainly invest a few dollars in it while we’re on island.

  14. Having lived on St John, and visited frequently, I can believe this is exactly what I think the island is leaning toward…upscale. It is an expensive island to live on and to visit, I think they will have a great following. BTW, I so wish for the St John of the 80s and early 90s, I remember it before the Westin.

    • Heck no! The Beach Bar isn’t budging! The Bowery is next to The Beach Bar in Wharfside Village. It’s just another option for you!

  15. I remember when The Beach Bar was Benny Iguana’s and the shopping complex next to the ferry dock was a deli and bar with rickety stand up tables and Mooie’s was across the street. Kind of miss that vibe, but wish good luck to The Bowery. Although what that name has to do wit STJ is beyond me. Guess we’ll keep to Coral Bay to feel like we’re “Home”.

  16. Agree with most posters that this isn’t the type of vibe I’m looking for on STJ, but wish it and the owners much success. BTW I hope the patrons don’t have to use the same funky bathroom (with the key on the spoon)!?

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